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Song of Horror

is an old school inspired, third person survival horror, evocative of the eternal fear of what cannot be understood. read more

Genres Adventure
Themes Horror
Developers Protocol Games...
Status: In development
Release: Unknown

is an old school inspired, third person survival horror, evocative of the eternal fear of what cannot be understood.

Take control of up to 16 characters who have been dragged, throughout time, into a story for which they are not prepared.

Our protagonist, Daniel Noyer, is an ordinary man who has found himself neck-deep in a story he didn’t ask to be thrown into. We will watch events unfold through his eyes and the eyes of other people, both close to him and unrelated, while Daniel races against time to save himself from a terrible fate.

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The Features

A Thrilling Storyline 

Join Daniel in a spine-chilling tale of horrors. Unravel a dreadful mystery of deep, unknown roots, a mystery threatening to destroy him.

Cinematic Cameras, Unsettling Music: 

The use of automated mobile cameras along with a collection of unsettling music themes ensure that the tension remains constant and relentless.

16 Playable Characters: 

Control Daniel as well as several other men and women, both acquaintances and strangers. They will explore an array of locations, designed by actual architects, solving riddles while avoiding an untimely end. Who will continue his/her story alongside Daniel is up to you.

Daniel Noyer is the protagonist and the plot revolves around him. However, we will watch his story unfold mostly through the eyes of several other characters.

Normal, Everyday People: 

No heroes, no supermen, no superwomen. Real-life, ordinary folks. From the advertiser to the sales director, from the alarms technician to the doctor and the shop clerk. None of them can make it on their own.

Careful Exploration: 

The devil’s in the details, or so they say. Each clue might have a meaning; every observation can be crucial. There is no prize for first arrival at the end line: the prize is to arrive at all.

Life Is Fleeting: 

There is no health nor sanity bar. The only thing that matters is: can you continue? If you crumble midway, will the next character make it?

Death Has Many Doors: 

There are no combats, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to fight. There are no enemies, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t being hunted. There are no defenses, and yes, that does mean you must run, hide, and do whatever it takes to survive.

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The Beginning

It’s an ordinary Friday in the life of Daniel Noyer, washed-up advertiser and former entrepreneur who has fallen on hard times lately. Currently the lowest of the low at a publishing house, you receive an urgent, yet seemingly straightforward assignment: to check up on the company’s most important client, the renowned writer Sebastian P. Husher, who hasn’t been heard from in weeks.

Upon your arrival at Husher’s mansion, you realize something’s wrong. The lights, still turned off at the onset of nightfall, reveal that no one is home. The dog, warned about at the entrance, is nowhere to be found. The main door, left ajar, hints at a hallway drowned in shadows.

And an eerie, haunting melody, pierces a thundering silence.

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The Mechanics

The Story Unfolds: 

Song of Horror is divided into chapters. In each of them, you will visit a different location while getting deeper into the story.

Permanent Death: 

Each chapter has a set of characters from which you will choose. Every character has one single chance: losing him or her means choosing another one and picking up from where the fallen one left. If you run out of characters, you will need to restart the chapter. A fallen character is permanently gone from the game and his/her death might slightly affect the development of the plot (however, you won’t miss out on any pieces of the main plot).

No Going Back: 

Song of Horror has no manual save points. Progress will be saved when you finish a chapter or when you select “Save and Quit” in order to come back later.

Putting the Pieces Together: 

Song of Horror features puzzles and riddles of varying nature, ranging from little daily life obstacles to sinister games where your life is at stake.

The Presence: 

There are no enemies in Song of Horror. There is no one to shoot nor anything tangible to fight. Instead, you will be haunted by twisted manifestations of an eldritch, primeval horror.

This horror will either actively chase you or lie in wait for you to fall in its clasp. In order to survive, you will need to take a variety of actions (including running and/or hiding, but not limited to them) and be cautious when exploring. Failing to adequately react to the Presence or a careless approach will spell certain doom for your characters.

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