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is a combination of an adventure, puzzle and platformer game, developed by Silicon Jelly. read more

Themes FantasyHumor
Developers Silicon Jelly...
Status: Released
Release: 08-Oct-2013

is a combination of an adventure, puzzle and platformer game, developed by Silicon Jelly.

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The first part was dedicated to a story of the dog named Mimpi, who is looking for his master in psychedelic world. He meets strange creatures on his way and some of them are hostile. He gets through multiple environments and overcome multiple.

And the dog is back for a new round of adventures in the sequel "Mimpi Dreams". The main hero, a cute Mimpi, has bright can colorful dreams, where he feels like a real hero. His path is full of pits and dangers, bloodthirsty bosses try the best they can to spoil the dreams of our valiant hero. The Sequel Mimpi Dreams is currently in development.Image title


Mimpi is played as a sidescrolling platformer. The player is controlling a dog Mimpi with directional arrows. Player can also interact with surroundings by tapping, swiping, and dragging on it. There is plenty of puzzles that player has to get through. The game is set different worlds that differs not only by visuals but also by gameplay.

The whole story is told by animations without words or voiced dialogues.

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The development started approximately in October 2012. The game was placed on Indiegogo in February but until March 4, it gained just 112 USD of 10,000 goal. Developers decided to finish the game anyways. The original release date was scheduled for March 2013.

The most of the game was developed by designer and illustrator Matěj Moravec. He gave to the game specific colorful graphic style.

The music was done by company Sype Studios. There are original different soundtracks for each level.

After one and half year long development the game was finished in October 2013. The original Mimpi game released on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, OS X, Facebook and PC and had over 1 million downloads.

Mimpi received generally positive reviews from critics upon its release. It was praised for its visuals gameplay and music. On the other hand, it was criticised for its controls and difficulty of some puzzles.

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Spin-off titles

Silicon Jelly along with publisher Crescent Moon Games released in November 2013 three spin-off titles: Mimpi Volleyball, Mimpi Signal and Mimpi Hidden Objects.

  • In Mimpi Hidden Objects player goes through portraits of scenes that depict the world of Mimpi. There he has to search object that are randomly generated. There are seven scenes known from the original game.

  • In Mimpi Volleyball player play a volleyball against creatures featured in original game. Every match is set in an environment from the original game.

  • In Mimpi Signal player has to find the right wave by using three different controls to manipulate wavelength, speed or amplitude of the wave

Game features: 

  • Different locations

  • Many obstacles and puzzles

  • Simple controls

  • Colorful graphics



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