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Life is Feudal

is an indie project of the Hardcore Sandbox MMORPG, set in a Realistic Medieval fictional world. read more

Platforms PC
Themes Medieval
Developers Bitbox Ltd....
Status: Released
Release: 2016

is an indie project of the Hardcore Sandbox MMORPG, set in a Realistic Medieval fictional world.

The Life is Feudal (LiF, Life is Feudal: MMO) is a game set in a large persistent and seamless medieval world. With free terraforming and building features. You can build your small house with a garden everywhere in that world! Or team up with your friends and build a whole village or city and repel attacks by other players who want to steal your lands and slaughter your cows! A good castle with a moat might help you with that.

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The combat system is quite unique. It is no target and physics-based, the direction of the attack depends on mouse movement. Basic movements combined with directional attacks can be mixed together into deadly combos with special effects. Battle formations are a new way to collaborate and control the situation on the battlefield with your fighting team. Depending on the battle situation, a group leader must issue a right commands to change formations. The more group members make up a given formation - the bigger the advantages they enjoy, so a well-organised group will prevail over a bunch of headless chickens.

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Keep in mind that all battles will be fought not just for fun and glory, but also for your own land holdings! High stakes will force leaders to dive into an ocean of Global Politics to forge new alliances, wage new wars, make uncertain truces and treaties and gather tribute from vassals. All these politics and intrigue work together to add more to the “sanboxiness” of “Life is Feudal”.

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Speaking of sandbox elements, player skill progression is not limited by artificial classes or roles. The Skill cap and Stat cap systems allow you to design a character which fits your style of play perfectly. The crafting system contains a lot of sand and boxes too. All the recipes are randomized for each character and the only way to learn them all is by Experiment.

Farming will demand a sound understanding of different crops, soil fertilization and knowledge regarding when to harvest your crops. By the way, your fertilizer comes from your stables and barns which you need to manage and clean in order to breed the best war horses on the continent! You will need to feed your livestock as well, and not just your livestock. Food is important for character skill progression. The better the quality of the food your character eats - the faster he will progress through his skills. This places a cook on the same level as other craftspeople such as blacksmiths, carpenters or alchemists.

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Unique Features: 

  • Innovative Mini-Game Concept

The set of mini-games adds immersion and fun to the medieval crafting process, and allows gamers to play isolated parts of the game directly from a browser! Mini-Games offer an opportunity to improve on a given craft, and reward players with bonuses. 

  • Free Terraforming & Tunnel Building

100% free terraforming and tunnel building! Dig tunnels, mines and moats, and expand them in all dimensions almost without limit! You can raise and lower ground levels with a land-fall effect. Substances include soil, rock, granite, ore veins, clay, sand, and much more!

  • Original Battle Formation System

In massive battles, react accordingly to the combat situation and provide your Unit with a certain bonuses. But to receive these bonuses, Unit members must be well organized and always kept in formation.

  • Almost Unlimited Number of Unique Alchemy Combinations

There are over 40 000 000 alchemy combinations unique to each player! And unlike other online games, you need to learn, experiment and create your very own unique combinations. Alchemy is not simply a matter of character skill, it strongly emphasises spending time and resources on creating good recipes and combinations. 

  • Complex Food & Cooking System

Cooking is no longer a secondary or non-existent skill. Being a good cook who knows a lot of complex and tasty recipes means that you and your friends or clients will be better fed and will receive skill bonuses! 

  • Realistic Player Damage System

Based on human anatomy, with fractures and bleeding wounds you can create different unique combat tactics. 

  • Double Health & Stamina Bars

Double health and stamina bars represent better the status of your body. Players can be knocked out or dead, can be temporarily out of breath or totally exhausted.

Current State of Development

Currently the game is in a state of internal alpha tests and planning to start a Closed Alpha test with most devoted supporters and fans in mid-February 2014. It is palnned to have few months of Closed Alpha tests after which the game will be ready to provide open early alpha access to all members.

Life is Feudal has all the core in-game mechanics and some of the advanced features implemented, but is still missing a few important features, for instance: archery, mounted combat, guilds and land claim management. 

Additional Localization and Platforms

Since it is a huge MMORPG project, and it is developed by a small indie team, it has been forced to focus on a single platform (PC) and language (English) so far. 




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