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Kumoon: Ballistic Physics Puzzle

is a physics puzzle shooter by Lucky You Studio, with Oculus Rift support. read more

Genres PuzzleIndie
Platforms MacPC
Themes Sci-Fi
Developers Lucky You Studio...
Status: Released
Release: 10-Nov-2015

is a physics puzzle shooter by Lucky You Studio, with Oculus Rift support.

Trickshots and Tricky Situations!

Naksu the boxstacking robot is sick of his job and starts knocking the boxes over. How elegantly can the deconstruction be performed?

Kumoon is the antithesis to the interminable block-movement puzzle. The blocks here are just to be knocked over. Their glowing light numbers indicate their value, which increases as you ricochet your projectiles around the room.Image title


3 Tutorial Levels to get you inside the head of the robot.

15 Easy Levels, to get you acquainted and to have fun with even those holding a gamepad for their first time.

15 Medium Levels, for those comfortable with the controls and willing to forge further.

15 Hard Levels, for aspiring speedrunners, aficionados of intrigue, and those who think pain is the definition of fun.Image title

Oculus Rift DK2 users can test the game's experimental VR support in the tutorial and 5 demo levels. VR demo mode activates automatically when the hmd is connected. The VR Expansion 01 DLC will enable it throughout the game.

Seamless switching between Keyboard + Mouse / Gamepad Control.

Seamless first and third person view toggling in game.

FOV slider : any modern PC games mandatory feature.

An electronic music soundtrack featuring Skaven!

Menus in 26 languages courtesy of the crowdsourced PolyglotGamedev project.

Welcome to Kumoon.




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