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Infinite Crisis

is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game based on the fictional universe of DC Comics (DC Universe). Developed by Turbine and published by Warner Bros.... read more

Genres MOBA
Platforms PC
Developers Turbine, Inc....
Status: Released
Release: 2015

is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game based on the fictional universe of DC Comics (DC Universe). Developed by Turbine and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

It is Turbine's first original title since the company's purchase by Warner Brothers in 2010, and the first non-MMORPG game produced by the studio. The game features two squad of DC heroes and villains as they compete in combats across multiple destructive battlefields featuring in game changing catastrophic events. The game features a diverse roster of the most iconic and reimagined Champions. It is a free-to-play game that is supported by micro-transactions. The game is regularly updated by the publisher. 

In Infinite Crisis, players assume the role of a character called "champion", each with a set of unique abilities, battling with a team against other players or computer-controlled champions. In the most popular game mode, players control their champions and destroy enemy turrets and complete their objectives. In order to win, each team's goal is to destroy the opposing team's power core, a building which lies inside the enemy base achieved by destroying enemy drones and turrets.

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Infinite Crisis is a multi-player online battle where players control a "champion" within the short amount of time depending on the game modes. Players gain level by destroying drones and killing opposing team's champions and turrets. In the classic game mode, the map is divided into three lanes. Top, middle(mid) and bottom(bot). Top and bottom lane are longer and have more space between each turret. Mid lane is the shortest route to the enemy's base, but both sides are flanked with urban jungle, providing more strategic game-play for a surprise attacks ("gank"). Each lane has a set of inner and outer turrets, one set for the player side and the other for the enemy. Turrets are lethal defensive structures that helps players from getting dived by enemy champions and help clear enemy drones. Each bases has three dampeners, each found at base entrance. Dampeners are like turrets but after they are destroyed, they simply go offline and re spawn minutes later with a reduced health each time. When a dampener is destroyed, the opposing enemy's spawn a tougher drones. Base Camera are used to help scout for enemies for a brief period of time so its better to use it wisely. Urban jungle is located beyond turret's vision, it is concealed by the fog-of-war. The jungle holds four types of neutral drone camps: east medium, destroyer and Unique. In the jungle camp, defeating a destroyer camp spawn four different deployables: Health, Speed, Surveillance Tower, and EMP. The objective of the game is to destroy drones in order to level champions in which champions could destroy turrets and lastly the Power Core in order to win the game.

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Game Story

When a sudden assault threatens the DC Multiverse where it would have it stand on the brink of destruction, the only hope to combat it is within the different heroes and villains.

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Featured universes

The following universes are featured in this game: 

  • Prime Earth (Earth-0): This world is the keystone that the Multiverse resides on.

  • Arcane Earth (Earth-13): A world where the Shadow League (a group of twisted sorcerers) lusted for control over Earth where one of their plans ended up extinguishing their sun. Even though the sun was reignited, the Earth was forever altered by the magic that is loose on Earth.

  • Atomic Earth (Earth-17): A world where atomic attacks during the Cold War have vaporized 97% of all life on Earth. Although the survivors hoped that the Earth would heal, their scars from the nuclear aftermath of the Cold War wouldn't.

  • Gaslight Earth (Earth-19): A Victorian era-themed world where society was revolutionized through steam technology.

  • Mecha Earth (Earth-44): A technology-enhanced world where there were no heroes until a group of scientists called the Justice Consortium created them.

  • Nightmare Earth (Earth-43): A world in which heroes and villains were twisted into monsters.

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Game modes

Infinite Crisis is a session-based game. Each match can last up to 20 to 40 minutes of game-play. Enemies have to either capture the points and drain the Power Core or destroy the Power Core to win the game. It is an objective based game that required teamwork in order to win. IC features four maps, each designed around different style of play for players. Whether the players prefer quick matches or longer matches that requires cooperating with teammates or both.

Crime Alley

Crime Alley is the unfortunate nickname given to Park Row, the site of Thomas and Martha Wayne's murder in the Gaslight Universe and the Prime Universe. This a 1 versus AIprivate map designed for new and intermediate players to practice their champion. The map features one lane, one power core turret for each team, one dampener and a single lane turret for each team. The map also features a single jungle lanes for players to experiment with deployables. This map is mostly used to practice or play against another opponent to fight out who is the better skilled player. In order to win, the player needs to destroy the opponents Power Core.

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Gotham Divided

In this 5 versus 5 three-lane map, Players take advantage of the urban jungle by defeating neutral creatures to earn deployables, which are powerful abilities like meteor strikes and EMP blast. Gotham Divided has two bases: one for your team and one for the enemy. Players objective is to destroy the Power Core inside the enemy base, achieved by destroying enemy drones, turrets, and eventually dampeners. This map is the most popular and main map of the game.

Gotham Heights

This is a 5 versus 5 map that features a capture and hold map. The map is shaped like a circle and there are 5 control points. Each control point is located at the end points of a pentagon shape. The five control points start as neutral, a player may capture the point by standing on it and the capture speed is dramatically increased as more players stand at the point. In order to win the game mode, the player needs to capture majority of the control points as the enemy Power Core health slowly drains. At the center of the map, the orbital cannon is located; the players needs to capture the Orbital Cannon in order to summon stronger drones that would help players capture control points. In the Urban Jungle section, beyond the visible circular lane, it holds speed boost, health packs and the orbital cannon.

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Coast City

Is a 5 versus 5 map that features two-lane map, a large Urban Jungle that holds access to Elite Drones and control of the Doomsday Device. In order to win, players must outmaneuver the enemy team by pushing into their base and destroy its Power Core. The Doomsday Device activates and creates a neutral guardian who attacks the closest Champion in his arena. After defeating the neutral guardian, the guardian drops a device that could be picked up and use to fire at nearby enemy or use it as EMP to blast and stun structures.

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Infinite Crisis began closed beta testing on May 8, 2013. The game went into open beta on March 14, 2014. The team plans on continually introducing new heroes and villains from the multiverse as well as added in new maps and game modes even as the game is fully released.

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Semi-Reception & Tournaments

Infinite Crisis closed beta began on May 8, 2013 and went into Open Beta on March 14, 2014. Advertisement for Infinite Crisis popped up on the largest gaming live stream website Streamers on were given Infinite Crisis skins and champion codes to hand out towards the viewers to promote and gain user base. The game felt short when user base started to decline and due to the long queue times to find a match. Now Infinite Crisis is trying to pick up the pace by hosting tournaments. Popular teams such as Dignitas and NAVI compete on the weekly North America/ Europe ESL GO4 IC weekly for prizes and points to qualify and win up to twenty thousand dollars in prize pool. There are also mini-tournaments to encourage players to start forming a team and win a chance to compete and join the top ranks in the DC leagues.


MMoHuts community rated the game 3.5/5. The reason for the score was due to the low user base and rude players. Some say that champions in the game is not balanced and the lack of surrender option made players frustrated.

IGN community rated the game 7.2/10 out of 22 votes.

The game is fairly new and recent so there are no official reviews and meta-critic published yet.

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