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is a sci-fi themed next generation of co-operative first-person shooter developed by Turtle Rock Studios. read more

Themes Sci-Fi
Status: Released
Release: 10-Feb-2015

is a sci-fi themed next generation of co-operative first-person shooter developed by Turtle Rock Studios.

Announced in January 2014 and originally set to be released in late 2014, the game was delayed and released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in February 2015.

Evolve uses an asymmetrical multiplayer structure, where five players—four playing as hunters and one as the monster—battle against each other on an industrialized alien planet called Shear. The hunters' gameplay is based on the first-person shooter design, while the monsters are controlled from a third-person perspective. The hunters' goal is to eliminate the monster, while the monster's goal is to consume wildlife and evolve to make themselves stronger. The game can be played alone or with multiple players.


Evolve is a cooperative game where four human players hunt an alien monster controlled by a fifth player. Both the hunters and the monsters can use unique abilities during the game. The monster player can kill other smaller creatures to evolve and become stronger by going into a cocoon stage, leaving itself vulnerable for a short duration. The game will feature a variety of maps, one of which being a large jungle, with some industrial elements where players can take shelter. There are various power ups that can be taken by both hunters and monster players through killing the local wildlife. Victory is achieved for the hunters by killing the monster, while the monster can either kill the four hunters, or complete a secondary objective such as destroying a human base or power plant. The hunters are made up of four classes: a trapper, a support, a medic, and an assault class. Each class will contain a variety of different hunters with different play-styles. The monster player will also be able to choose from a variety of monsters; although, only two monsters have been revealed so far referred to as "The Goliath" and "The Kraken". The game will also feature a single-player campaign; although, specific details have not been revealed yet.

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In May 2011, THQ acquired the publishing rights to an untitled first-person shooter game being developed by Turtle Rock Studios, then due to be released in 2013. THQ head Danny Bilson was enthusiastic about the project, commenting that "Those guys are really smart. They were the Left 4 Dead team and that was fun. This one's wild. I can't wait to share that one. People are going to go nuts. It's the most well-thought out design from the beginning I've ever seen." In October 2011, a job listing and subsequent Twitter post by the studio confirmed that the game was, at the time, built on CryEngine 3.

In December 2012, THQ filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy; the game appeared under the title Evolve in THQ's filing, described as a "co-op multiplayer action game". Publishing rights to Evolve were acquired by 2K Gamesfor US$10.8 million in the resulting auction of THQ assets.

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The February 2014 issue of Game Informer featured a cover story that officially unveiled Evolve and the first major details about the game, alongside the announcement that it would be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in late 2014. Pre-orders for the game began on January 14, 2014; those who pre-order will receive a free DLC character and a Savage Goliath skin. Turtle Rock Studios has also announced that there will be more than one "monster" at launch. On May 22, 2014, Turtle Rock Studios announced an all-new set of hunters named Lazarus, Bucket, Maggie, and Hyde. They all feature new abilities and weapons. Turtle Rock Studios also announced a new map named "The Dam".

At E3 2014, 2K Games revealed an all-new monster, the "Kraken". One of this monsters abilities is flying. Also at E3 2014, 2K announced that there will be three more monsters at launch alongside over a dozen maps and 12 more characters. But 2K also confirmed that there will be multiple DLC packs to expand the game after it is released.

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