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Dwarven Hammer

is an epic throwing game. read more

Genres PuzzleIndie
Platforms AndroidiOS
Themes Fantasy
Developers Mingle Games...
Status: Released
Release: Unknown

is an epic throwing game.

Evil Dark Lord with his hordes attacked dwarven keep to lay his filthy hands on epic dwarven treasures hidden inside. But our fearless hero, brave dwarf Filik stood to defend the entrance of the keep with his mighty hammers!

back to oblivion

Help our hero to defeat all the hordes and send them back to oblivion! Dwarven Hammer is epic throwing game with hordes of mighty fantasy enemies, beautiful graphics and animations, fantastic hammers and incredible powerups!

Easy control

Flick in direction you want to release the hammer. Navigate the hammer with additional flicks to hit enemies, putting impulses to the hammer to control the flight! Easy like that!

Fantasy enemies

Lots of fantasy enemies to defeat! Enjoy the funny ways which enemies meet the hammer. Awesome fantasy graphics with lots of skeletal animations and effects!

Character progress

Randomly generated quests will give you additional way to earn progress and have more fun solving them! Improve your character with mighty power ups like Magnet, Strength, Endurance and more!



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