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a story-driven action/stealth side-scrolling RPG with a fresh new vision of cyberspace created by Dreadlocks. read more

Platforms MacPCLinuxOuya
Themes Cyberpunk
Developers Dreadlocks...
Status: Released
Release: 07-May-2015

a story-driven action/stealth side-scrolling RPG with a fresh new vision of cyberspace created by Dreadlocks.

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The Story is set in Harbor Prime a City controlled by a mysterious secret Organisation Complex. Complex has ties to Politicians and Corporations that supply the City with Goods and controls Media. Only few Hackers resist to the Complex.

The Story follows a common Citizen named Dex. She is awakened one Night by a Hacker known as Raycast who warns her that Henchmen of Complex are after her and tells her to get to Fixer's Hope where a Friend of his help her. Dex manages to escape and get to Fixer's Hope where she meets Decker. They have to flee soon as Complex finds them and they hide at Tony. They are contacted by Raycast again and he reveals that Dex is an Avatar of Kether, an AI that was Created by Comlex but got out of control. It means that Dex has extraordinary Skills in Hacking which could took Complex down. Decker and Tony help Dex to get better in Hacking but Dex has to get augmented by Dr Niles to reach another Level.

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Dex meets Niles who Augments her after she helps him with his problems with TruBody Gang (a Gang that fights against Augmentations). Raycast then Contacts Decker and reveals that Complex is developing a new AI, GSV-2. Complex will be unstoppable when it is finished. Dex is sent to destroy it. She sneaks into the Laboratory and finds GSV-2 but causes Alarm and has to fight Guard while hacking security Computers and GSV-2 itself but succeeds. The Building is destroyed by autodestrction but Dex manages to escape. Raycast then decides to meet with Dex personally but the meeting point is ambushed by Complex and Decker, who comes to help, is presumably killed. Dex is captured and sent to an Underwater Facility where Complex performs its Research. She is eventually freed by Raycast and meets him. It is revealded that Complex is creating Clones with Kether fragments implemented in their Mind. Dex is revealed to be one of these Clones. Dex escapes the Facility and goes to see Tony. She find a Complex Commando there and is taken to an Orbit Station that serves as Headquarters of Complex. She sees there Flashbacks showing Richmond ( a Guy who helped to destroy GSV-2) to be killed and Decker that he survived the Encounter but was led to trap by Raycast to make Dex free Way. Dex then meets Crow, a leader of Complex. She asks Dex to tells Dex that all she came through was a Test if she is the one to reach Singularity with Kether and asks her to do so. Crow dies and Dex Hacks her Computer to destroy GSV-1. Player has to make a decision when GSV-1 is destroyed. Player can merge with Kether as Crow wants or to replace Crow as the leader of Complex. It is also possible to destroy Complex which will lead to change of the City.

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  • Dex - The eponymous Protagonist of Dex. She is a Citizen of Harbor Prime. She is targetted by Complex. It is presumed that Complex need to get rid of her because she is an Avatar of Kether that could be a threat to Complex.

  • Decker - He runs a Bar known as Fixer's Hope. He was a Hacker in past and so Raycast decides to order him to help Dex. He doesn't like to involve Dex in the War ahainst Complex as he sees her as a Child and does everything to protect her.

  • Raycast - A mysterious Hacker who makes very much trouble to the Complex. He is eventually revealed to be a Clone deformed by Experiments that Complex performed on him. Only his will in Cyberspace is free and so he started to fight against the Complex.

  • Tony - A fat Hacker who helps Decker and Dex to hide.

  • Dr Niles - He has a secret Clinic where he Augments his Customers. He owes to Decker and so he Augments Dex.

  • Dr Hammond - A Scientist of the Complex who performs inhuman Tests of Clones.

  • Dr Iain - A Scientist of Complex who wants to help Clones to get a Life.

  • Crow - The Mysterious leader of Complex. Dex meets her in the end of the Game. She is an old dying Woman.

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The game is be played as an action role-playing platform game. It is set in an open world that is divided into single locations. There are homes of NPCs, stores etc. RPG aspects are represented by possibility of getting new abilities via cyber implants and getting experiences and new Levels. Player gets Skillpoints upon reaching a new Level and can Uprgrade his Skills. The story is linear, but the player can be tasked by multiple side-quests.

One of Player's abilities is Hacking. It is played as a Shooter Game with overhead viewpoint. If player is killed in Hacking Mod, he suffers damage in a real World but can try again.

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The game was announced on Game Developers Session 2012 and originally scheduled to be released in 2013. In late 2012 developers started a Kickstarter campaign, which started on November 12. The studio asked for £14,000. The amount was reached a week later and in the end the game was pledged £30,647. On November 4 the game was greenlit for Steam.

The first build of Alpha version was released a Early Access on 14 August 2014. It featured a limited amount of Quests and Locations. The second Build was released three Months later. It featured more Quests, Locations and Characters.

The Beta was released on 1 April 2015. It added almost all Features intended for the Final release including the Story. It was published only in Steam Beta Build. The final version was released on 7 May 2015.

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The Game has received generally positive reviews from critics. 

Arcade Sushi praised the Gameplay which "combines expressive 2D sprites and nostalgic platforming with some grade-A, modern action-RPG". It also praised the Story and its familiarty to Deus Ex and Shadowrun. On the other Hand the Save System was criticised along Journal System. The Review also mentioned some minor Bugs. The Review was overally very positive and called Dex a "solid Game worth investment." 

Should You Play This Game praised Gameplay with exception of Combat that was criticised and called simplistic. It also praised the Game World and the fact that NPCs are connected to each other which makes it feel like a World. It also praised the Story but criticised it to bee too short. The review was overally positive.

Czech server Zing praised the Atmosphere ot the Game World and the Story of the Game along the Soundtrack. Side Quests that include possibility to make a decision also gained Praise. On the other Hand it Criticised amount of Bugs and noted that Dex should have stayed in Early Access for a bit longer.


On May 2015, Dex recieved The Game of the Year Award in category: Artistic contribution for the Czech gaming industry for the year 2014 - for the creative graphical and acoustic progressivity of the game.

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