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is a browser-based trading card game with RPG elements, original sci-fi atmosphere and breath-taking visual content. read more

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Platforms Browser
Themes Sci-Fi
Developers ARK8...
Status: Released
Release: 13-Apr-2013


is a browser-based trading card game with RPG elements, original sci-fi atmosphere and breath-taking visual content.

Coraabia gives the sense that you have been thrown into a complete, living world and you have to hit the ground running to stay afloat. Players are able to influence the story of the game world in various ways, including winning tournaments with certain factions and deck types and voting in political polls.

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Coraab is a middle-sized dumpworld, located on the border of central regions Cor'Og and Iontachor.For many cultures, Coraab is an important transit node and freight hub sitting on a notional border of opposite regions of Coraabia. These days, it serves as a permanent or temporary refuge for hundreds of millions of creatures from all corners of the multiverse.

The planet itself formed naturally in times immemorial. It has a solid surface and red-hot inner core. Coraab revolves around Unaar, an orange giant-sized star.Coraab's planetary system consists of seven planets. Two of them, Coraab and Reddan We'Rd, are currently permanently inhabited.

Coraabish (slang. korabish or raabish) is the official language on Coraab spoken today by the majority of the Unliving tribes as well as Miners. It is also called the common planetary language, neo-minerish, or Tal Coraabish.

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Cards are the basic elements of Coraabia. There are 2 types of cards - characters and tricks. Together with connections, cards represent all elements influencing a game of Coraabia.

  • Characters are one of the 2 types of cards in Coraabia. Characters duel each other one at a time, with the winning character adding its points to its player's Score. Both characters then go to the Dump.Each character can use one of its abilities per duel.A character in player's hand is called a Champion.

  • Tricks have a one-time use, once a player plays a trick, it triggers its effect and goes to the Dump.

  • Connections are passive perks that grant bonuses to players. Game connections grant in-game bonuses that directly influence the gameplay while Multiverse connections mostly speed up grinding. All Game connections can be earned through playing or bought in the Shop.

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Coraabia has one of the most beautiful opening cinematics explaining the back story of the world and showcasing some rather amazing voice work and moving art. After the introduction, you’ll be sent off to the Orbital University to learn the ways of dueling. 

Coraabia appears to be like some kind of advanced ‘Top Trumps’ game, where your character cards have 4 primary stats and you choose which one you want to bet on battling with against the top character card of your opponent’s deck which you’ve not yet seen.

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There are 5 different factions and each one specializes in a particular stat, so once you work out which faction(s) your opponent is playing, you’re able to make better choices about what stats you can beat them at.

You also have two other means of winning at your disposal. Firstly is the ability to play Trick cards. These stay in your hand and you can only play them when your battling character card is currently losing the fight.

Many character cards have abilities like this as well, and the symbols start to make sense the more you use them (but you can always use a pop-up window explaining what they do).

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When a character wins the duel, you gain score equal to their score value. Your score just needs to be higher than the opponent at the end of the game in order to win.

The winning player then gets to declare the next stat to be chosen, and thus gameplay has this kind of leader/follower flow to it where you attempt to gain upper control of the situation and force your opponent to play on the defensive and waste their resources trying to get back on top. This aspect to the game makes it feel different to the turn-based method of other games.

It’s all about knowing when to throw out your tricks and trigger character abilities, as you don’t always want to throw everything you have at the opponent right away.



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