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Albion Online

is a free-to-play medieval sandbox MMO in development and will run on multiple platforms. Full loot, focus on pvp, crafting and pve and player driven economy sounds... read more

Status: Released
Release: 17-Jul-2017

is a free-to-play medieval sandbox MMO in development and will run on multiple platforms. Full loot, focus on pvp, crafting and pve and player driven economy sounds promising.

It is also the first true cross-platform MMO, running on different systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS and Android at the same time and in the same stunning world!

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Key Features

Player-driven economy

All items AND buildings are player crafted.
Build your own villages and towns.
Rent out land or industrial buildings to other guilds.

PvP & Full Loot

One of the first games to combine PvP, player-driven-economy and full loot in a free-to-play game.
Death is meaningful as you can lose your whole inventory in a heartbeat.


We, the developer, will not sell items to players. We act only as a central bank in exchanging currencies. Items and resources can only be bought from other players.
Every player can realistically acquire every in-game item and every premium service without paying real money.

Unique character customization

There are no character classes in Albion Online. Your class is determined by what you are wearing!
You can combine every item in the game. There are no boundaries as to what you can make
Want to be a mage/knight hybrid with magical cloth armor wielding a sword and shield? In Albion Online, you can!

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Cross platform & one massive world

Every player in Albion Online plays on one master server, in one huge game world
Sitting in a café, playing on your tablet? You’re in the same world as your friend at home on their PC!

Territory control system

Our core gameplay involves conquering territories.
Conquering and holding territories has many advantages:
… Access to resources and areas in which to build your village.
… Protection from the dangers of the wild and the demons of the void.

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Other features

Transportation as part of the player-driven economy

Realistic inventory weight management system: it’s not possible to run around with 100kg of stones on your back, IRL or in Albion Online.
No teleports. Merchant roads are the main system of travel through the world.
Bringing resources from one place to another can be an industry of its own.

Simple but strategic game mechanics

We offer a simple but intense Rock, paper, scissors combat system.
You’ll find some opponents easy kills. Others pose an extreme threat based on how you both built and equipped your characters.
Linear progression; even a high-end player will have their problems against 10 beginners.
You territory is a strategic component in every fight.

No zerging

Special mechanics are in place to avoid zerging.
Your territory can not be conquered by a 200-player zerg.

No level grinding

There are no levels that define your power in Albion Online.
Your power comes from what you’re wearing, what you’re carrying, what you’ve crafted.

Complex spell and item system

Your spells are crafted onto your weapons and armor, so what you wear is what you are!
Each item has several hundred different combinations.

Night & day

Not just a graphical gimmick; at night, demons spawn and you’ll have to defend your village against them!

More questions & answers!

When will the game be available?

We are currently running in an alpha version.
We are hoping to start a closed beta in Q3 2014
We hope to be able to release the game in Q4 2014.

On which devices will Albion Online be available?

Apple iPad 2 and later models.
Android Tablets.
Client Version for Windows XP, Mac and Linux.



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