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Act of Aggression

is a techno-thriller real-time strategy game set in the near-future. read more

Platforms PC
Developers Eugen Systems...
Status: Released
Release: 02-Sep-2015

is a techno-thriller real-time strategy game set in the near-future.

Across three distinct factions each armed with the greatest modern and prototyped military weaponry, head into some of the world's most volatile conflict zones, building bases for mass production, establishing resource supply lines, and waging war with increasing veterancy in Eugen Systems' - creators of the million selling Wargame series - explosive new RTS.

Throughout large, authentic maps, players will harvest resources, build bases strategically, defend them, and produce all kinds of units to match the wit of their opponent. Extend your base network with off-base refineries for harvesting resources, and protect supply networks ensuring a stable income of cash and minerals. 

You'll even fight other players for occupied banks as a supplementary income, and capture soldiers surviving crews ejected from destroyed tanks and planes or wounded soldiers on the battlefield to take as prisoners of war.

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Main Features

  • Three technologically varied and powerful factions each with their own skills and strengths

  • Weapons, vehicles and armaments based on real life or near-future prototype equipment

  • Huge life-like maps across a war-torn political landscape

  • Fight for natural resources and cash to keep the wheels of war turning

  • Capture prisoners of war and ransom them back to your enemy

  • Occupy banks as supplementary income

  • Set up supply lines and strategically build your base to match your strategy

  • Thwart nuclear attacks tactical weapons with missile defenses, or bomb your enemy out of the fight!

  • A classical RTS experience paying homage to the Golden Era of RTS, the 90's and early 00's.

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Base management


Act of Aggression isn't just about building your base as fast as possible, but as strategically as possible. Anticipate the units you'll need and your path through the tech-tree, all the while managing space, income, electricity, and establishing supply lines.

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Harvest accumulate resources on the map to ensure the wheels of war keep turning. Place electricity generators to keep defenses and production lines activated running. Build refineries to automatically harvest resources around its vicinity and have a trucks vehicles autonomously taking the spoils of war back to your base.


Taking wounded enemy soldiers or vehicle crews as prisoners of war will bring you an extra income. As well as raiding and occupying banks on the map ( often multiple ) to get the financial edge over your opponent.


Each faction has three different technology level tiers, which unlocking new weapons and vehicles when reached. Carefully plan your route through the tech-tree.

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Research and develop new technologies to improve your units or give them additional abilities, individually or as a whole.


Wage war across authentic maps based on real-world locations, from cities to deserts, with experienced current-generation military technology. Know your opponent's capabilities to best them on the battlefield.

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  • US ARMY: although still the most powerful military machine, is now but a shadow of its former self. Recurring Defense budget cuts over the last decades have led to personal shortage, equipment wear and morale and discipline drop…

  • US ARMY STYLE: The Army are exhausted by endless fighting across the world, but remain a brute-force of veterans. They can skill up in specific roles, usually ending up being the best in their category.

  • CARTEL: is a shadowy international organization of politicians, high ranking officers and industry magnates. It has planned the downfall of the US government. They intend to put the country on its knees in order to seize its main economic & industrial assets.

  • CARTEL STYLE: There are stealthy operatives born out of private military contracts, with the latest prototypes. Fragile and expensive, but stealthy and powerful this secretive faction is difficult to master.

Cartel Units: title

  • CHIMERA: The “Chimera Protocol” is an agreement binding several member States of the United Nations. The agreement was signed in the wake of the infamous "Shanghai Crash", the day the whole Chinese financial system collapsed. And with it, the whole world plunged into the worst recession since 1929.

  • CHIMERA STYLE: The Chimera is a UNO funded task-force designed to have a plan in mind for every situation. You can mold their units through upgrades into specific roles.

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Main campaign follows the story of the Chimera, as players take the role of the UNO funded task-force in the wake of the "Shanghai Crash". Following a narrative driven story players uncover the shadowy political climate of the near future through missions set all over the globe. 

By progressing through the campaign players can unlock missions with the Cartel offering an alternate view on situations previously played through the eyes of the Chimera. These “behind the scenes” missions will describe events, offering further insight into the Chimera campaign.


The game features expansive multiplayer across 20 maps in 5 different countries spanning the entire globe. During a time of international turmoil, pick from one of three unique and varied factions, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Players climb the 1V1 and 2V2 ranked leaderboards to be the best. There is also a special spectator mode where players can watch others play as learn the rope.



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