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13/07/2020 1:34 pm  

I'm not sure if this is the exact term to use, but I'm basically asking what are the games that you really should've played by now, but for whatever reason just haven't gotten around to? 

For me, the Mass Effect and Witcher games immediately come to mind as games I'm ashamed to admit I haven't played yet, especially seeing as storytelling and RPGs are two of my favourite things in gaming. 

I also haven't played any Metal Gear game, which honestly stings to admit. So, let's hear what's clawing away at your gaming cred? 

Dakota Gordon
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13/07/2020 6:33 pm  

Basically any game that's considered among the greatest of all time, particularly from companies not named Nintendo. Committing to basically one company leaves room for a lot of missed opportunities.

Anything Naughty Dog, anything Bioware, anything Besthesda, anything (early) Bungie, most things Square Enix, anything Kojima, anything Insomniac, anything SIE Santa Monica... Hell, there are games from huge Nintendo franchises I've never finished played (lots of Zelda and Fire Emblem, specifically).

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14/07/2020 8:33 pm  

There are some major franchises that I have not touched or played much of, especially from Nintendo. I have only played a few minutes of two Zelda games and some other franchises I haven't even played.

I played a few hours of Mass Effect back in the day, but never finished it and did not touch the other two in the original trilogy.

There are some recent hits that I have on my wishlist on Steam like Disco Elysium and Cuphead.

I can go on and on about games I never played that I should.

Jeremy C. Schofield
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25/07/2020 6:28 am  

Grand Theft Auto. I have not touched a single game in the franchise, which is weird since I play a ton of games. Not sure how that worked out, and at some point I am really going to have to stop spending all my time on stuff like Dead Cells and Stardew Valley and go back and experience the GTA franchise.

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25/07/2020 7:28 am  

@tjeremyschofield The singleplayer is always great for all of the games. Such funny satirical storytelling with interesting characters.


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