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PS or Xbox?  


Karel Vik
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Joined: 2 years ago
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11/06/2020 2:37 pm  

Well, this is a never ending story. I could be buying either discounted older platform or wait for the new one. But, the question remains. What should I buy? PS or Xbox? 🙂 Both have great games and exclusives so it's a hard one.

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11/06/2020 6:34 pm  

The conversation to me has changed so much due to both companies, Microsoft and Sony, having completely different plans for their systems. Microsoft is more focused on providing a service and Sony is more on its exclusives. Personally, I go for PS as third-person action-adventure singleplayer games are my jam. Every Xbox game goes to PC pretty much, so I have no reason to buy an Xbox as PC is my primary gaming platform.

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11/06/2020 8:54 pm  

Like Tristan said, I'm definitely hooked to PS mainly for its exclusives. Both companies have evolved so much over the years, I don't think anybody has to worry about making the wrong decision any more (unless one of them really screws up), so it's really down to which core focuses from each company you're drawn to, (service, exclusives, hardware, etc.). 

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11/06/2020 11:46 pm  

Playstation all the way. As I've mentioned in some articles recently, the dearth of exclusives that Sony offer is unparalleled. For your online needs, Sony boasts a more substantial online community. So there's that. Even for the newer generation, the same will apply. I can confidently say that the Playstation will retain the superior margin of sales, meaning a bigger online community, and a continued support of major, first-party exclusives. Basically. 🙂

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14/06/2020 12:57 am  

I began gaming on the PS1 and have stayed with PlayStation throughout my life. I've owned Xbox consoles, but I've never appreciated the way Microsoft sees gaming. That disconnect between what people want and what Microsoft thinks people want became blatantly apparent at the beginning of this console generation. I'm sure we all remember that disastrous E3 conference. PlayStation understands what gamers want - great games. Yes, having multimedia is useful. Powerful hardware is great. But, the heart of any console must be the games, and PlayStation has delivered on that front for 25 years. In short, PlayStation all the way.    


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