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Aušrius Matkevičius
New Member Registered
Joined: 3 weeks ago
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09/10/2020 1:02 pm  

@carljones Aye, that is true. I have been craving for a good lengthy story game lately, might as well pick up something I already have. But I would have to go for a glass of heated wine with it though - there is just something in it that puts me in the "cozy, in front of the fireplace" mood that usually accompanies cold weather. Perfect for an enjoyable gaming session. And the harsh breeze outside can only mean one thing...

Winter is coming.

Joshua Robertson
Active Member Staff
Joined: 6 months ago
Posts: 5
18/10/2020 10:21 pm  

The only Resident Evil game I've played is Resident Evil 6 and yeah... Been told to play the two new remakes but I still haven't gotten around to it.

Tristan Zelden
Eminent Member
Joined: 11 months ago
Posts: 20
23/10/2020 9:43 pm  

@joshuarobertson 7 and 2 remake are the best that you should absolutely play. 3 remake is pretty good too. 4 is considered the best, but not being able to move while aiming sucks lol Still a solid RE game.

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