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Red Magic 5S Review

Red Magic 5S Review: The Ultimate Mobile Gaming Experience

Red Magic 5S shows that high-performance, gaming-centric smartphones don't have to be unappealing bricks that lag behind the competition in just about everything else. RedMagic 5S Review: The Ultimate Mobile Gaming ExperienceWatch this video on YouTu...

8.8 Great

HyperX Quadcast S Review: Brilliance in Sight and Sound

The HyperX Quadcast S is a great-sounding, beautiful mic that not only will bring convenience and a greater audio capability to your production, it is also one of the only mics that adds a gorgeous visual element. For the piece of equipment in one’s ...

10 Perfect
Dyplay Urban Traveller Review

Dyplay Urban Traveller Review: Affordable Noise Cancellation

The Dyplay Urban Travellers are noise cancelling headphones that are comfortable, stylish, and functional. The attractive price makes them an even better option for those who wish to keep the world at bay. In a time when everything is attempting to g...

8.5 Great

Watch the PS5 Teardown Here – An Up-close Look at the Console

Get an up-close look at the ins and outs of the PS5 console's components here with this latest teardown from PlayStation. This PS5 teardown features an up-close and personal look at the hardware of the upcoming PlayStation 5 that will soon be hitting...

Divoom Planet 9 Smart Lamp Review: Beautiful RGB Desk Accessory

Divoom Planet 9 is proof that RGB can still be used in imaginative ways. For a product advertised as a simple mood lamp that can bring an amazing blend of colors to any corner of your home, it's actually filled with some neat, smile-inducing features...

8 Great
PS5 or Xbox Series X/S - Which Should You Buy?

PS5 or Xbox Series X/S – Which Should You Buy?

PS5 or Xbox Series X/S. Which of these incredible next-gen consoles is best for you? Our buyer's guide is here to help you find out which console offers what you need. Whether you're a hardcore or casual gamer, we'll go through both consoles, their g...

GAMAKAY K66 Review

GamaKay (Womier) K66 Keyboard Review: More Than Just an RGB Light Show

GamaKay K66, formerly known as Womier K66 is one of the best-looking, pleasant to use, compact keyboards - even before you turn all the numerous lights on. GamaKay (Womier) K66 Keyboard Review: More Than Just an RGB Light ShowWatch this video on YouT...

8.5 Great
Nanoleaf Canvas Review

Nanoleaf Canvas Light Panels Review: Beautiful, Smart and Absolutely Worth It

The Nanoleaf Canvas is the natural progression and improvement on everything already present in the best known Nanoleaf triangle panels. Although somewhat expensive, it's more convenient, more feature rich, offers awesome integration and best of all ...

9.5 Amazing
10 Sequels We Desperately Need To See On The PS5 Cover

10 Sequels We Desperately Need To See On The PS5

The next generation of gaming is almost upon us. We're going to speculate at what we could see and identify some necessary sequels that would make fine additions to the PS5's catalogue. It's been a great few years of gaming with a litany of incredibl...

Nintendo 3DS Finally Discontinued After 9 Years Of Production Cover

Nintendo 3DS Finally Discontinued After 9 Years Of Production

The era of the Nintendo 3DS is finally coming to an official end. After 9 solid years of production and millions of hardware units sold, Nintendo have ceased production on the 3DS and all affiliate consoles. This is partly due to the success of the N...

7 Exciting PS5 Showcase Reveals Cover

7 Exciting PS5 Showcase Reveals

Sony recently unveiled exciting new additions to the PS5 catalogue through their PS5 Showcase reveals. This list will highlight the 7 newest reveals. From new games to brand new features, the Showcase promised that the next-gen has a lot to offer. Ex...

The PS5 Price And Date Are Finally Announced At PlayStation Showcase Cover

The PS5 Price And Date Are Finally Announced At PlayStation Showcase

The Playstation 5's price point and release date has finally been announced during Sony's PlayStation Showcase Event. The online broadcast showed off a plethora of gaming footage, created excitement with the return of some classic franchises, and rou...

Sony Cuts Production of PS5 by 4 Million Units [Updated With Sony Response]

Sony has had to make cuts to their production of the PS5, months after increasing estimates in anticipation for a busy holiday season. This comes in the midst of speculation regarding the final unit price, as well as some strong competition from comp...

Facebook Reveals Oculus Quest 2 After Reported Leaks

Facebook Reveals Oculus Quest 2 After Reported Leaks

Facebook has revealed its latest VR headset, the Oculus Quest 2. The headset comes with some major improvements from its predecessor but was originally planned for an announcement later this week. After leaks hit the internet of videos showcasing the...

Sony announce the final PlayStation 5 Showcase

Sony Announce the Final PlayStation 5 Showcase

Sony have officially confirmed yet another PlayStation 5 showcase, scheduled for later this month. The event will include updates on their first party studios as well as third party titles. We are likely to also receive a date and price for the machi...

Cloud Stinger Core Headset

HyperX Cloud Stinger Core Review: Light and Comfortable

The HyperX Cloud Stinger Core is focused. Focused on providing the lightest, most comfortable gaming experience possible for an entry level price. The compromise of weight with wireless design does not apply here, as the Cloud Stinger Core crams it a...

9 Amazing
eXtremeRate DTFS LED kit

eXtremeRate DTFS LED Kit Review for DualShock 4: Frag in Style (PS4)

The eXtremeRate DTFS LED kit for DualShock 4 brings your controller into the RGB era and puts a playful, bright spin on your most used PS4 accessory. Impress your friends and never mix up your controllers again with this eye-catching light mod. At ar...

8.5 Great

Genesis Xenon 800 Gaming Mouse Review: Top Honeycomb Contender

Genesis Xenon 800 is not simply another gaming mouse with a honeycomb design but a full-fledged contender to be hailed as one of the best gaming mouses on the market. While not bringing anything revolutionary to the table, it's an absolute full packa...

9.5 Amazing
Divoom Pixoo-Max Review

Divoom Pixoo Max Review: Pixel-art LED Display with a Twist

Divoom brings yet another awesome product that serves not only to embellish your gaming setup but also as a perfect car traveling companion. Divoom Pixoo Max Review: Pixel-art LED Display with a TwistWatch this video on YouTube If you are a gamer, yo...

9 Amazing
eXtremeRate Dawn Remap Kit

eXtremeRate Dawn Remap Kit Review: Functional and Affordable (PS4)

The eXtremeRate Dawn Programmable Remap Kit for PS4 Dualshocks is both functional and economical. Compared to other controllers of the same type, this one will save you tons of money for the same abilities. If you are a fan of keeping your cash and d...

8 Great
Gamesir T4 Pro Review

GameSir T4 Pro Controller Review: A Best Buy Wireless Controller

Gamesir has another winner on their hands with the T4 Pro wireless controller as it won't break the bank and will still deliver the versatility and high performance you often don't see in many controllers three times its price. GameSir T4 Pro Control...

8.8 Great
Get a new RTX GPU for a free copy of Death Stranding

Get a Free Copy of Death Stranding on PC with a NVIDIA RTX GPU Purchase

Buy an eligible NVIDIA RTX GPU then you can get a free copy of Death Stranding when it comes to PC. Players can get on this bundle whether they buy a standalone GPU or it is already in a PC or laptop. NVIDIA has a list of eligible retailers for inte...

QPAD MK95 Gaming Keyboard Review: A High-End Goodbye to Switch Hot Swapping

"No compromises" was evidently the motto of QPAD when they made the MK95 keyboard since it seemingly has everything both a typist and a gamer would want in one highly attractive, but somewhat expensive frame. QPAD MK95 Keyboard Review: Clicky or line...

9 Amazing
xbox mini controller for xCloud (Credit: 8BitDo)

Mini Xbox Controller in Development for xCloud Service

Microsoft is teaming up with 8BitDo to develop a special mini Xbox controller for its xCloud streaming service. The Bluetooth controller will be customizable for any button map or sensitivity preferences. It will be available only for Android devices...

ASUS TUF Logo adorns the lid

ASUS TUF Gaming A15 Review: Hot Rod Bargain

The ASUS TUF Gaming A15 is a laptop that focuses every bit of its engineering into cranking out as much power as possible for the least amount of money. The result is a computer that isn’t big on frills, but can play just about anything you can throw...

8.5 Great
Razer Viper Ultimate Review

Razer Viper Ultimate Mouse Review: Wireless Gaming Beast

Razer Viper Ultimate is a mouse that ticks all the boxes for any gamer looking for a true competitive super-performer. As if that wasn't enough, it's also wireless and feature-packed to an extent that almost justifies its eye-watering high price. No ...

9.3 Amazing
Genesis Thor 420 Review

Genesis Thor 420 Low Profile Keyboard Review: Minimalism at its Finest

Genesis brings the thunder with its Thor 420 low-profile mechanical keyboard. Its goal is simple. Use its great performance, attractive design and affordable price to make you kiss your old one goodbye and take a leap into the low-profile game. The l...

7.7 Good

Thrustmaster T150 Pro Racing Wheel Review: Entry Level Excellence

Enter the world of gaming wheels and take your racing experience to the next level with Thrustmaster T150 Pro. Despite being an entry-level wheel, there's enough here to provide you with a satisfying experience that will make you shudder at the mere ...

7.8 Good
PlayStation reveals the PS5 DualSense controller

PlayStation Reveals The PS5 DualSense Controller

The DualSense controller for the PS5 has been revealed, and it's definitely different. The controller features a black and white colour scheme, with a less intrusive lightbar. PlayStation claims the DualSense will be "transformative" for next-generat...

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