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Genesis Xenon 800 Gaming Mouse Review: Top Honeycomb Contender

Genesis Xenon 800 is not simply another gaming mouse with a honeycomb design but a full-fledged contender to be hailed as one of the best gaming mouses on the market. While not bringing anything revolutionary to the table, it's an absolute full packa...

9.5 Amazing
Divoom Pixoo-Max Review

Divoom Pixoo Max Review: Pixel-art LED Display with a Twist

Divoom brings yet another awesome product that serves not only to embellish your gaming setup but also as a perfect car traveling companion. Divoom Pixoo Max Review: Pixel-art LED Display with a TwistWatch this video on YouTube If you are a gamer, yo...

9 Amazing
eXtremeRate Dawn Remap Kit

eXtremeRate Dawn Remap Kit Review: Functional and Affordable (PS4)

The eXtremeRate Dawn Programmable Remap Kit for PS4 Dualshocks is both functional and economical. Compared to other controllers of the same type, this one will save you tons of money for the same abilities. If you are a fan of keeping your cash and d...

8 Great
Gamesir T4 Pro Review

GameSir T4 Pro Controller Review: A Best Buy Wireless Controller

Gamesir has another winner on their hands with the T4 Pro wireless controller as it won't break the bank and will still deliver the versatility and high performance you often don't see in many controllers three times its price. GameSir T4 Pro Control...

8.8 Great
Get a new RTX GPU for a free copy of Death Stranding

Get a Free Copy of Death Stranding on PC with a NVIDIA RTX GPU Purchase

Buy an eligible NVIDIA RTX GPU then you can get a free copy of Death Stranding when it comes to PC. Players can get on this bundle whether they buy a standalone GPU or it is already in a PC or laptop. NVIDIA has a list of eligible retailers for inte...

QPAD MK95 Gaming Keyboard Review: A High-End Goodbye to Switch Hot Swapping

"No compromises" was evidently the motto of QPAD when they made the MK95 keyboard since it seemingly has everything both a typist and a gamer would want in one highly attractive, but somewhat expensive frame. QPAD MK95 Keyboard Review: Clicky or line...

9 Amazing
xbox mini controller for xCloud (Credit: 8BitDo)

Mini Xbox Controller in Development for xCloud Service

Microsoft is teaming up with 8BitDo to develop a special mini Xbox controller for its xCloud streaming service. The Bluetooth controller will be customizable for any button map or sensitivity preferences. It will be available only for Android devices...

ASUS TUF Logo adorns the lid

ASUS TUF Gaming A15 Review: Hot Rod Bargain

The ASUS TUF Gaming A15 is a laptop that focuses every bit of its engineering into cranking out as much power as possible for the least amount of money. The result is a computer that isn’t big on frills, but can play just about anything you can throw...

8.5 Great
Razer Viper Ultimate Review

Razer Viper Ultimate Mouse Review: Wireless Gaming Beast

Razer Viper Ultimate is a mouse that ticks all the boxes for any gamer looking for a true competitive super-performer. As if that wasn't enough, it's also wireless and feature-packed to an extent that almost justifies its eye-watering high price. No ...

9.3 Amazing
Genesis Thor 420 Review

Genesis Thor 420 Low Profile Keyboard Review: Minimalism at its Finest

Genesis brings the thunder with its Thor 420 low-profile mechanical keyboard. Its goal is simple. Use its great performance, attractive design and affordable price to make you kiss your old one goodbye and take a leap into the low-profile game. The l...

7.7 Good

Thrustmaster T150 Pro Racing Wheel Review: Entry Level Excellence

Enter the world of gaming wheels and take your racing experience to the next level with Thrustmaster T150 Pro. Despite being an entry-level wheel, there's enough here to provide you with a satisfying experience that will make you shudder at the mere ...

7.8 Good
PlayStation reveals the PS5 DualSense controller

PlayStation Reveals The PS5 DualSense Controller

The DualSense controller for the PS5 has been revealed, and it's definitely different. The controller features a black and white colour scheme, with a less intrusive lightbar. PlayStation claims the DualSense will be "transformative" for next-generat...

GameSir VX2 AimSwitch Review

GameSir VX2 AimSwitch Keypad Review: Next Level Console Gaming

The GameSir VX2 AimSwitch is an ideal combo for everyone looking for that added bit of precision and control on consoles that will make them competitive even on the ever-growing crossplay multiplayer scene. There are pros and cons to using both the m...

9 Amazing

Valve, Microsoft & HP Collaborating on Next-Gen VR Headset

PC Gaming giants Valve, Microsoft and HP are teaming up to create a new VR headset: the HP Reverb G2. The only information released about the product so far is a 14 second teaser trailer that shows the front of the device. Here's what we know so far ...

Everest Seems to be the One Keyboard to Rule Them All

Everest seems to be the most customizable and innovative keyboard to ever grace the Kickstarter platform, seamlessly bringing together the worlds of high functionality and impressive gaming design. Innovation is something that’s rare when it co...

Genesis Radium 600 Microphone Review

Genesis Radium 600 Microphone Review: Streamer’s Choice

Radium 600 microphone brings a full package deal for any aspiring YouTuber/streamer - an easy to use plug and play experience, great looks, good sound quality and all the accessories you'll ever need. For the longest time, investing in a USB microph...

8.5 Great

Should You Build Your Own Gaming Keyboard?

Today’s hardcore gamers are used to being able to design optimal conditions for themselves. In everything from picking out gaming chairs to setting up multiplayer communications with friends, it’s now possible to personalize the gaming experience, su...

Samson G-Track Pro Review

Samson G-Track Pro Review: The Ultimate USB Microphone

Samson takes you to the peak of what USB microphones have to offer with versatility, affordability and high sound quality all rolled into one in the form of G-Track Pro. Be you a streamer, podcaster or even a singer wanting to take your setup to the ...

9.5 Amazing
The PS5 To Outsell Competitors According To Market Analysts

The PS5 To Outsell Xbox Series X According To Analysts

Market analysts have had their say on what they believe will be 2020's biggest gaming trends. Among these predictions, some analysts think the PS5 will outsell the Xbox Series X. Others suggest the possible release of a 4K supported Nintendo Switch, ...

How Synthetic Voices Will Change the Gaming Industry

Resistance to synthetic voice technology comes from a worry that it will threaten the job market for voice actors. However, it could prove to help voice actors as well. In this article, we will focus on how synthetic voices could greatly affect the g...

MyKronoz ZeBuds Lite Review

MyKronoz ZeBuds Lite Wireless Earbuds Review: A Great AirPods Alternative

MyKronoz brings the ZeBuds Lite earbuds to the overcrowded market, managing to offer a great all-round experience at only the fraction of the price when compared to the more known competition. INTRODUCTION Wireless earbuds market exploded in the last...

8 Great

Velocilinx Boudica Gaming Peripherals Review

Velocilinx brings the Boudica collection of peripherals consisting of a mouse, headset and a keyboard that aim to bring excellent gaming performance right out of the box while spicing up your setup with a ton of stunning RGB effects. lThe crowded mar...

7.5 Good

Noblechairs Hero Review: The Endgame Gaming Chair

Noblechairs Hero series brings the worlds of premium looks and excellent back support together into a chair that can easily fit into any PC gaming setup as well as office space without sticking out like a sore thumb. INTRODUCTION I’ve never bee...

9.5 Amazing
Analogue Pocket

Analogue Announces Pocket, the Portable Retro-Gaming Handheld

Be prepared to relive the handheld era! Analogue is coming strong in 2020, aiming for gamers nostalgia with their Pocket, a handheld retro-gaming device that could check most players boxes when it comes to third-party handheld consoles. Analogue has ...

PlayStation confirms the PS5 is coming holiday 2020

PlayStation Confirms The PS5 Is Coming Holiday 2020

PlayStation has finally revealed that the PS5 will be releasing holiday 2020. The PS5 will feature an SSD & will continue to support blu-ray's. Major changes to the DualShock controller included septic feedback & adaptive triggers, that will apparent...

Tai-Hao Gaming Keycap Sets Review

Tai-Hao provides an elegant, visually appealing solution for when you feel like the RGB on your keyboard just isn't enough. They also provide you with enough choices to keep it clean and simple as well as completely eye-catching. INTRODUCTION Keyboar...

9.5 Amazing

Thronmax Pulse Microphone & Caster Boom Arm Review

Thronmax brings its A-game with products that look to satisfy gamers looking into more serious streaming and recording gear while being kind on their wallets at the same time. INTRODUCTION Streaming has become a serious business in the last couple of...

8.3 Great

Divoom Ditoo Pixel-Art Retro Bluetooth Speaker Review

When you imagine a Bluetooth speaker, you usually have a picture of an uninspired, blocky or rounded piece of tech whose sole purpose is to play music. But, if you ask the Hong-Kong based speaker company Divoom - they can be so much more. Their lates...

9.5 Amazing

DPVR E3 4K Virtual Reality Headset Review

Getting into virtual reality can be an intimidating process and much of it has to do with the often high price points of these headsets. In stark contrast, a China-based company - DPVR, offers a wide array of VR headsets at insanely affordable prices...

7.5 Good
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