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An Introduction to the Future of Gaming

If you are a longtime gamer, you certainly have fond memories of your favorite games. Nostalgia hits us all every once in a while, but instead of looking at the past, why not envision the future? Have you ever questioned how the games you play will c...

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The Future of Social Good Games

Video games will create a better world and this article will tell you why. To begin, we must acknowledge our own subjective point in gaming history. This is an era in which we are seeing the most exponential growth and revolutionary development in th...

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The Future of Video Game Platforms

No matter what platform you play on, there's one undeniable truth for anyone that calls themselves a die hard video game fan: this industry is one that constantly changes. This article is the fourth chapter from our eBook The Future of Gaming, in whi...

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11 Companies that May Build the Road to the Future

If you are a longtime gamer, you certainly have questioned how video games will change, but have you ever wondered which companies will drive these changes? This article aims to shed some light on which teams will build the future of this industry. T...

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The Future of Virtual Reality Games

Virtual Reality is one of these topics that can split the crowd. Some people think it has come to stay and grow. Others believe it is a novelty that will go away soon. Which side is correct? We share with you our thoughts on the topic! This article i...

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The Future of eSports

eSports are one of the hottest topics in current gaming. While they have certainly established themselves in this role, many people wonder if eSports will continue to grow or if they have reached their climax. We decided to give our take on the topic...

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The Future of Videogames Distribution

Will physical copies still exist 10 years from now? Or will the industry become 100% digital? Questions like this divide the gaming community, but which side is correct? We decided to have our say on the topic. This article is the first chapter from...

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