Nostalgia Zone

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Nostalgia Zone

Here's where the KeenGamer staff can let off their nostalgia steam. A place for our fondest memories of past gaming adventures, poured out and shared with you.

8 Must-know Tips and Terms Guide for Retro Game Collectors

The world of retro gaming is fun and rewarding but can also be frustrating at times. To help you out, here are five must-know tips and terms for retro game collectors. My journey into video game journalism started with one game that changed my life f...

Half-Life: Remembering the Game That Redefined Gaming

For some fans, Half-Life is still the best game ever. Valve's début title took the gaming industry by storm. This retrospective recalls how Half-Life raised the bar for first-person shooter games. Valve's Half-Life began one of the most exci...

The Fall of Command and Conquer

Command and Conquer used to be a behemoth in the world of RTS games. This was the game franchise that had Blizzard playing catchup for the better part of a decade until Westwood was bought by those greedy politicians at EA. What is left of the Comman...

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Top 5 Of The Best Games That Were Cancelled

That crushing feeling when you get hyped for a game, only to have it cancelled. Today we will pay homage to the best games that never were. Let's face it, when a game gets announced or concept art gets leaked and it just so happens to peak your i...

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Ready Player One is Film’s Hidden Oasis

Ready Player One is a dystopian science fiction story written by Ernst Cline in 2011 and adapted to film by Spielberg in 2018. It is a mesmerising journey that feels special even if every reference doesn't resonate with you on that deep, personal lev...

LAN Gaming vs Online Gaming

Playing games online has many great advantages, it's convenient and lets you connect with players from all around the globe. But has this giant leap of progress stolen the very heart of our favorite pastime? I think it has. introduction Since the ear...

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