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3D Rudder Fixes Movement Woes In VR

When you see the words "3D Rudder", it’s difficult at first to imagine exactly what that could mean. Is this something to do with a boating game in VR? Not exactly. Like a rudder on a boat, the 3D Rudder product sits underneath the player’s feet and ...

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Turtle Beach Elite Pro Headsets Review

When my friends ask what I think are the best gaming headsets out there for competitive play, I say Turtle Beach. When they need more specifics I tell them the Elite Pro headsets. A headset with surround sound and works on PC and PlayStation 4, these...

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dreamGEAR Gamer’s Kit Review (Xbox One)

Gaming on a budget is a tough period for everyone. It's always good to see top of the line quality items out there, but it's equally appreciated to see companies cater to those who filter their searches "price: low to high." This is a kit with severa...

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Scuf Infinity PS4 Pro Controller Review

Everyone has probably heard about a Scuf controller by now. But have you ever tried one? Have you thought about trying one? Well, you should. Scuf controllers are game changers in this progressively more chaotic gaming culture, with higher levels of ...

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Mega Modz Planet Modded Controller Review

Mega Modz Planet offers players a chance to get their hands on custom and modded controllers. With the option to add the trending paddles, which are fully re-mappable, mods that take your game to new heights sometimes, and design options that will ma...

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Nacon Pro Revolution Controller Review

A common complaint about the Dualshock 4, for people with larger hands, is that it’s too small. Or the buttons aren’t big enough. The Nacon Pro Revolution controller is a third party, Sony licensed product that offers a remedy to your big handed woes...

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Controller People PS4 Pro Controller Review

While some build quality issues and a high price hold it back, the PS4 Pro Controller is a solid half-step between a regular Dualshock and Razor's high-end offering. Great analogue stick variety and a subtle paddle system make this controller a good ...

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Nyko's new SPEAKERCOM unit gives you game audio and a top-notch mic literally at your fingertips. Eliminating the need for irritating and expensive headsets, this little rechargeable unit is worth a look, especially if your XBOX 1 or PS4 mic has you ...

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