Darkest Dungeon Review: Celebrating Four Years of Mental Torture (PC)

A game-changer when released, Darkest Dungeon took stategy roguelikes RPGs to a whole new level. With the release of Darkest Dungeon 2 right around the corner, this is the time to take a look at the OG version and start hardening your heart and your ...

8 Great
eXtremeRate DTFS LED kit

eXtremeRate DTFS LED Kit Review for DualShock 4: Frag in Style (PS4)

The eXtremeRate DTFS LED kit for DualShock 4 brings your controller into the RGB era and puts a playful, bright spin on your most used PS4 accessory. Impress your friends and never mix up your controllers again with this eye-catching light mod. At ar...

8.5 Great
Destroy All Humans review - An imperfect nostalgia invasion - Title image

Destroy All Humans Review: An Imperfect Nostalgia Invasion (PS4)

The Destroy All Humans franchise has a strong cult following, but does this remake have anything to offer modern gamers? While fun and saturated in periodic sarcasm, this remake can't escape the pitfalls of the original, laying bare the frayed edges ...

6.5 Fair
Paws and Soul Review: The Lone Wolf.

Paws and Soul Review: The Lone Wolf

Paws and Soul promised a story-rich, atmospheric adventure that focuses on the Buddhist belief surrounding rebirth and reincarnation, but does it deliver on that? Prepare to howl at the moon and delve into this review of the nature-filled indie, Paws...

5 Average
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review: Takeshi's Battle Royale (PS4) Cover

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review: Takeshi’s Battle Royale (PS4)

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is sweeping the globe with its popularity, but is it any good? With a ridiculous number of players trying to play the game on launch, Fall Guys seems to be the next big multiplayer game, but does it have staying power? Wi...

8.5 Great

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town Review — A Little Overripe (Switch)

It's been more than 15 years, but welcome back to Mineral Town. Things are mostly the way that you remember them, but say hello to a couple new faces, a couple new animals, and more. What you won't be saying hello to, at least not easily, are the mou...

7 Good
Divoom Pixoo-Max Review

Divoom Pixoo Max Review: Pixel-art LED Display with a Twist

Divoom brings yet another awesome product that serves not only to embellish your gaming setup but also as a perfect car traveling companion. Divoom Pixoo Max Review: Pixel-art LED Display with a TwistWatch this video on YouTube If you are a gamer, yo...

9 Amazing

Genesis Xenon 800 Gaming Mouse Review: Top Honeycomb Contender

Genesis Xenon 800 is not simply another gaming mouse with a honeycomb design but a full-fledged contender to be hailed as one of the best gaming mouses on the market. While not bringing anything revolutionary to the table, it's an absolute full packa...

9.5 Amazing

Love Spell: Written In The Stars Review — That’s A Lot Of Cheese!

Love, comedy, and cheese: a splendid combination for a debut work! From start-up developer Great Gretuski Studios, Love Spell: Written In The Stars provides heart-pounding drama behind every corner. But will the storytelling finesse fall victim to te...

6 Fair
Valorant Review: Riot Takes a Shot at First Person Shooters

Valorant Review: Riot Takes a Shot at First Person Shooters

Riot created Valorant to be the next big competitive first-person shooter. In our review, we discuss how Riot used hit games like CS:GO and Overwatch as inspiration to create a fun, competitive game that should last for years to come. While it has it...

8 Great
A hunter walks around a lake in Hunting Simulator 2.

Hunting Simulator 2 Review: An Enjoyably Flawed Hunting Experience (PS4)

While Hunting Simulator 2 is ultimately an enjoyable and fun hunting simulation, the game is flawed in several ways that hold it back from being considered great. It improves upon its predecessor to become a better simulation overall, but certain cho...

7 Good
eXtremeRate Dawn Remap Kit

eXtremeRate Dawn Remap Kit Review: Functional and Affordable (PS4)

The eXtremeRate Dawn Programmable Remap Kit for PS4 Dualshocks is both functional and economical. Compared to other controllers of the same type, this one will save you tons of money for the same abilities. If you are a fan of keeping your cash and d...

8 Great
Carrion the reverse horror game review

Carrion Review: A Tasty But Non-Filling Experience (PC)

Carrion has some frustrating and tasteless flaws, but it is an enjoyable horror indie title. Go around in this reversed horror game where you are the alien and eat up all of those tasty humans. Our Carrion review will show why the initial bite is tas...

7 Good
paper mario the origami king review cover image

Paper Mario: The Origami King Review — Creased Around The Edges

Paper Mario: The Origami King is a delightful debut for the arts and crafts world of the Mushroom Kingdom on Switch by having the sharpest execution of the series’ endearing presentation and writing to date. However, developer Intelligent Systems con...

7 Good
Cloudpunk Review: A Delivery Job with a Twist.

Cloudpunk Review: A Delivery Job With a Twist

Cloudpunk has only been out for a few months but it's already proving to be a popular hit in the indie cyberpunk scene with its neon-blazed cityscape and flying cars of the future. Let's grab the wheel and hit that gas pedal as we drive straight into...

8 Great
Ghost of Tsushima Review: Beautiful, Bold, and Bloody Cover

Ghost of Tsushima Review: Beautiful, Bold, and Bloody

Sucker Punch has created arguably the most beautiful game to have ever been made. Ghost of Tsushima is an excellent imagining of the 13th Century Mongol invasion of Japan, showing the sheer brutality of the Mongols, and the plight of the Samurai. Usi...

8.5 Great
We Should Talk Review PS4 Cover Image

We Should Talk Review: It’s All In How You Say It (PS4)

It's all fun and games while you're out at the bar until your girlfriend says, "We should talk". Experience flirty attention from strangers and running into your ex all the while trying to traverse a deep conversation with your girlfriend via text. W...

7.5 Good
F1 2020 Review: A Superb Simulation

F1 2020 Review: A Superb Simulation (PS4)

Formula 1 is back with F1 2020, the latest game in Codemasters' annual franchise. Each game has seen steady improvements over a number of years, but does F1 2020 keep with the current trend? Whilst there are some issues, Codemasters have gone above a...

8 Great
Gamesir T4 Pro Review

GameSir T4 Pro Controller Review: A Best Buy Wireless Controller

Gamesir has another winner on their hands with the T4 Pro wireless controller as it won't break the bank and will still deliver the versatility and high performance you often don't see in many controllers three times its price. GameSir T4 Pro Control...

8.8 Great
With this Monado you can see the future. With my guide you can do even more.

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Review — Definitely Definitive

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is the perfect way to play one of the best RPGs. Even though it came out in 2011 for the Nintendo Wii, its age doesn’t really show. Now, with enhanced visuals and a new story chapter, this definitive edition i...

9.5 Amazing

QPAD MK95 Gaming Keyboard Review: A High-End Goodbye to Switch Hot Swapping

"No compromises" was evidently the motto of QPAD when they made the MK95 keyboard since it seemingly has everything both a typist and a gamer would want in one highly attractive, but somewhat expensive frame. QPAD MK95 Keyboard Review: Clicky or line...

9 Amazing
Burn me Twice Review: A Magical Medieval Mystery.

Burn me Twice Review: A Magical Medieval Mystery

We’re off to the medieval town of Düstenburg in new magical mystery, Burn me Twice, to solve a plague and a murder, but not everything is as it seems and not everybody is who they say they are. We must help Abigail von Rattenhartz avoid the flames fo...

7 Good
Ellie in The Last of Us Part 2

The Last of Us Part 2 Review: A Brutally Heartfelt Masterpiece

The Last of Us Part 2 has arrived after years of waiting, and it was well worth the wait. Naughty Dog stepped up its game by delivering a game that sets the bar high for any single-player driven adventure. The studio has a reputation, and it continue...

10 Perfect
The Infinite Abyss start screen

Infinite Abyss Review: Alone Against the Infinite Horde

Infinite Abyss is a 2D, side scrolling, adventure-strategy game developed and produced by Seven Arm Octopus. In which, you find yourself, a lone astronaut, stranded on a seemingly barren alien world, but you soon find out it isn't as barren as it see...

5 Average
Summer In Mara Switch Review House

Summer In Mara Review: Fetch The Boat (Switch)

A new farming simulator is always a tantalizing aspect to dive into. Summer In Mara is no exception to what looks like an upbeat experience unlike most gloom and doom games around it. In many respects, Summer In Mara hits the mark, but not without a ...

5 Average
ASUS TUF Logo adorns the lid

ASUS TUF Gaming A15 Review: Hot Rod Bargain

The ASUS TUF Gaming A15 is a laptop that focuses every bit of its engineering into cranking out as much power as possible for the least amount of money. The result is a computer that isn’t big on frills, but can play just about anything you can throw...

8.5 Great
Death and Taxes Review: A Grim Job for Anyone With a Conscience

Death and Taxes Review: A Grim Job for Anyone With a Conscience

If you thought that this was going to be a typical nine-to-five job, you’d be wrong. Death and Taxes brings us a fun simulation game where we play as a Grim Reaper, spending our days in an office and deciding from a list of candidates who should be s...

8 Great

Radio Squid Review: Radio Ga Game (Switch)

For all your musically-inclined cephalopod needs, Radio Squid has been released upon the world. Play as the tiniest squid boss you ever did see, but don't let that infer that they ain't got beat. Upon a quest to undo a curse through siren song, this ...

6.5 Fair
disintegration review xb1 cover art

Disintegration Review: A Futuristic Motorcycle Ride (XB1)

Disintegration is set in a timeline that looks eerily similar to ours right now. Economic collapse, diseases spreading, and devastating storms are just some of the problems we face right now. In the world of Disintegration, these events led to some v...

5 Average
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