Mountain Everest Max Review

Mountain Everest Max Keyboard Review: One Keyboard to Rule Them All

Mountain Everest Max keyboard brings an effortless blend of beautiful design and innovative, modular functionality on top of everything you expect of a high-end, premium keyboard. Mountain Everest Max Keyboard Review: One Keyboard to Rule Them AllWat...

9.2 Amazing
Jet Kave Adventure Review

Jet Kave Adventure Review: Cavemen and Dinosaurs and Aliens, Oh My! (PC)

Strap in for jetpacking platforming hijinks in Jet Kave Adventure. With nothing but his wits and his trusty club – well, and a super-powered jetpack – can you help Kave save his tribe from a mysterious alien and an impending volcanic eruption? Jet Ka...

6.8 Fair

Rhythm Fighter Review: Bash Broccoli to the Beat (Switch)

Nintendo Switch players are in for a treat with Rhythm Fighter, a catchy bop of a game that delivers a fresh gameplay loop and entertaining character designs. With plenty of content to unlock, a large cast of characters, and evil veggies, this is one...

8.5 Great
Sunlight Review

Sunlight Review: The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep

Do you enjoy a quiet walk in the woods with only the companion of existential dread to keep you company? Have you ever actively thought about the presence of the skeleton inside your body? Do you like flowers? Then Sunlight is for you. From the maker...

8 Great
Plabby Quest: The Crusades: Wars Never Looked So Cute

Plebby Quest: The Crusades Review: War Never Looked So Cute

Lead your country to greatness as you harness your strengths in Plebby Quest: The Crusades. War rages, but which nation will stand on top? This strategy game pits you against medieval nations during the crusades to determine who can conquer the map. ...

7 Good

Charge Kid Review: Itty Bitty Boost Boy (Switch)

The brutal platforming renaissance is still going strong, and Charge Kid is a bite-sized game that finds joy in its own difficulty. As will be addressed in this review, players who like losing constantly will find this right up their alley. Over the ...

6 Fair
SuperMash Review The Classics Reborn (PC)

SuperMash Review: The Classics Reborn (PC)

Presenting SuperMash. The classics have gotten a facelift for 2021 in this medley inspired game. Create your own unique and randomized assortments in all your favourite genres, perfect for old and new gamers alike. I couldn't put this one down! Miss ...

9.5 Amazing

Secretlab Titan 2020 Series Chair Review: True to its Name

SecretLab does the impossible and improves their already excellent 2018 chair lineup to bring what is probably the most premium and sturdy chairs on the market with a name to match. Secretlab Titan 2020 Series Chair Review: True to its NameWatch this...

9.8 Amazing
Shaks S5i Review

Shaks S5i Gaming Controller Review: Convenient and Utilitarian

The Shaks S5i mobile controller takes some interesting design choices that pay off for those who use their mobile controller for a variety of devices. Its lightweight and slim design allows it to go where other devices can’t. The Shaks S5i makes a va...

8 Great
Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition Review: A Beautiful Game With a Ton of Heart (Switch)

Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition Review: A Beautiful Game With a Ton of Heart (Switch)

The charm of a beautifully-rendered forest world and its adorable denizens belies a challenging Metroidvania experience in Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition, an updated re-release of the 2015 indie hit. Will you be able to restore light to...

9.7 Amazing
Cyberpunk 2077 Review Futuristic Hyperactive Action Packed Fun (PS5) Cover

Cyberpunk 2077 Review: Futuristic Hyperactive Action Packed Fun (PS5)

After years of anticipation, Cyberpunk 2077 has arrived. Offering a slew of missions, activities, and lore to explore within the breathtaking atmosphere of Night City. If you are a next-gen owner, you are lucky to experience this vast open world with...

8.7 Great
A Very Bad Christmas Eve Review

A Very Bad Christmas Eve Review: A Very Bad Experience (Oculus Quest 2)

Introducing A Very Bad Christmas Eve, just in time for the holidays! Make presents as Santa's last hope to save Christmas, but do it fast; time is not on your side. This game has a cute premise and has charming music to go with it. However, it just d...

3 Bad

Monster Sanctuary Review: Gotta Hatch ‘Em All? (Switch)

Combining Metroidvania with monster collecting seems like a match made in heaven when you think about it. That’s why, all those years ago, GameFreak and Creatures Inc did just that. Now, Monster Sanctuary comes along and barely improves on the templa...

6 Fair
Dyplay ANC Pods Thumbnail

Dyplay ANC Pods Review: Small Pods, Large Features

The Dyplay ANC Pods are a compact, multi-faceted set of earbuds which bring not only quality sound, but also noise cancelling in a wireless package. For those who like to listen to their tunes but do so in noisy environments, the Dyplay ANC Pods migh...

8 Great
Calico Review: Filled With Fantastic Felines (Switch)

Calico Review: Many Merry Meowing Mammals (Switch)

Run and design your own delightful cat cafe in Calico, the latest from the two-person team at Whitehorn Digital. This review covers the release version in anticipation of a critical 1.1 console update. But with that in mind, there's still plenty to l...

8 Great

Nine Witches: Family Disruption Review: Pixel Puzzle Nostalgia (Switch)

The Nazis have harnessed the power of the occult, and it's up to you to save humanity from doom! Our Nine Witches: Family Disruption review looks into the stylish graphic adventure that promises a unique storyline and lots of laughs - but will the ga...

7.5 Good
Orwell's Animal Farm Review: Porcine Politics (PC)

Orwell’s Animal Farm Review: Porcine Politics (PC)

All animals are equal! Are you sick of Napoleon and Snowball’s ideological quibbles? Could do any better? Relive Orwell’s farmyard fable as you try to keep everyone fed, attempt to fend off human attacks and, most importantly, keep the spirit of Anim...

7 Good
Space Invaders Forever Review: Cosmic Compilation (Switch)

Space Invaders Forever Review: Cosmic Compilation (Switch)

A gaming classic returns! Space Invaders Forever brings three titles to Nintendo Switch with varying degrees of success. Our review covers the whole package, so get ready for a deep dive into those would-be alien overlords. They might not be successf...

5 Average
Desperados III Review PC

Desperados III Review: A Fistful of Gold (PC)

Dust off them saddles and check out this review for Desperados III on PC! A real-time tactics experience set in the Old West; the challenging gameplay will test even the fastest gunslingers. Despite its reliance on standard tropes, this game is dynam...

9.5 Amazing
When The Past Was Around Review: A Bittersweet Triumph (PS4)

When The Past Was Around Review: A Bittersweet Triumph (PS4)

When the Past was Around is a point and click puzzle game that succeeds in getting the player emotionally invested in its bittersweet tale of love and loss. Eda's tale of grief for a lost partner is wonderfully told in a way that affects you, but doe...

9 Amazing
Venatos Swapper Pro

Venatos Swapper Pro: Agile and Specialized

The Venatos Swapper Pro is purpose built to be a lightest, most powerful mouse. Thought was put into the design, hardware, and style to make sure that nothing gets in the way of smooth, accurate and unobstructed mouse movement. Venatos Swapper Pro: ...

8.8 Great

Broken Lines Review: World War II Meets World War Z (PC)

Combining meaningful decisions with largely grounded tactical combat, Broken Lines hopes to pull the player into its world. With the ”The Dead and the Drunk” expansion recently released, we thought now is a good time to look at the title as a whole a...

8 Great
Cyberpunk 2077 Review: Less Breathtaking, More Disappointing (PC)

Cyberpunk 2077 Review: Less Breathtaking, More Disappointing (PC)

Cyberpunk 2077 is the most hyped-up game of the year, but does it reach the high bar that was set? CD Projekt Red has an excellent reputation due to the Witcher franchise, so diving into a sci-fi RPG that is a first-person experience is a risky move....

6 Fair
Millions of Minions: An Underground Adventure Review: Rooms For Improvement

Millions of Minions: An Underground Adventure Review: Rooms For Improvement

Millions of Minions is the latest in the super popular roguelite genre. Playing as a Sorcerer you try to escape the prison you have been trapped in. Possessing the power of summoning minions as projectiles you go deeper and deeper into the prison. Do...

4.5 Poor
ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos Review - This Isn't a Dream (Oculus Quest)

ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos Review – This Isn’t a Dream (Oculus Quest)

In ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos, your choices matter! Tread carefully as this game has alternate endings, and some may surprise you. This game can be short or long, depending on how you play. Exciting battle scenes, as well as a captivating story, make th...

8.5 Great
SUPERHOT VR Review: Punch, Slash and Shoot Your Way to Victory [Plus Boxing Day Update] (Oculus Quest)

SUPERHOT VR + Boxing Day Update Review: SUPERHARD! (Oculus Quest)

SUPERHOT VR is a challenging but very fun game. Punch, slash and shoot your way through various levels of intense combat and bullet-dodging action. Multiple weapon types from the thrown shuriken to quick-firing uzis are available throughout this acti...

7.5 Good
Assassins creed valhalla review ps4 main

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Review: Axe Body Slay (PS4)

Assassins Creed Valhalla is another step in the right direction for the franchise. It manages to keep all the aspects that make an Assassin's Creed game enjoyable without all the overplayed story points. But it does have a large amount of bugs which ...

8.2 Great
WRC 9 Review King of Drift Cover

WRC 9 Review: King of Drift (PC)

The Big Daddy of rally games is packing an even bigger punch this year. WRC 9 returns with a stellar package, promising to give both, amateurs and seasoned drivers, a thorough challenge. But how difficult is it to master? The answer swings both way a...

8.7 Great
Body Of Evidence Review: A Bloody Short Trip (Switch)

Body Of Evidence Review: A Bloody Short Trip (Switch)

Have you ever wanted to clean up murder-scenes like the movies? Well, Body of Evidence might be right for you, remove a horse's head from a bed, help clean up an accidental murder in the back of a car from two guys in black suits; it has it all. Does...

6.5 Fair
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