Resident Evil Movie Franchise to Get Rebooted

Even though Alice's nightmare has ended, Constantin Films still sees profit in the Resident Evil movie franchise. A reboot is already in the works, prompting many movie goers to groan like a zombie at the prospect at yet another reboot.

Resident Evil Movie Franchise to Get Rebooted
The most recent Resident Evil live-action film was the sixth, and supposedly final, chapter, at least the movie's subtitle of "The Final Chapter" would have you believe. Although I've not seen the movies past the second, I would think that Alice's adventure through the supposed finale was a definitive one. Whether or not that's the case, Constantin Film isn't prepared to let a corpse stay a corpse and aims to reanimate.

Martin Moszkowicz, chairman of the board at Constantin Film told Variety that a reboot of the movie franchise is already in development. Moszkowicz did not disclose any information beyond that, however. Whether or not the new movie series will fit into the old one or will retcon the original series entirely is unknown.

Movie reboots, soft and hard, are nothing new in movies today. If anything, they've become a major annoyance as year after year reboots dominate the box office line-ups alongside sequels and prequels, often superhero related. Usually a franchise is allowed to rest for at least a decade before it gets pulled back on stage, however. A reboot this close to the closing of the previous series isn't new either. Just look at Spider-Man.

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About time, I say. I lost track of this movie series sometime around the 5th entry. Maybe a reboot could be good?

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