Nintendo Single-Handedly Stole The Show At E3

In what might have otherwise been one of the most lackluster E3s in recent memory, Nintendo managed to deliver heads and tails above its competitors in just half an hour.

Nintendo Single-Handedly Stole The Show At E3
In what might be one of the most lackluster E3s in recent years, Nintendo managed to single-handedly steal the show. What's more is that they managed to do it in just half an hour.

With competitors Microsoft and Sony failing to deliver on expectations – the former on their newest console iteration the Xbox One X and the latter on new titles in development – Nintendo finally found a method to jump in on the "Megaton" bandwagon, announcing a new core Pokemon title in development and the long-awaited, fan-demanded sequel Metroid Prime 4. They even offered glimpses into other "hype-worthy" games, like Xenoblade Chronicles 2,  Fire Emblem Warriors, and Super Mario Odyssey. All of this plus the announcement of new Kirby and Yoshi games and Rocket League coming to the Switch. It was an amazing showcase, to say the least.

Though no new Animal Crossing was revealed, one can't help but not be bothered by it. After all, it seems as though Nintendo is finally listening to us, its hardcore fans, and delivering upon the legacy it established for itself so long ago.

Nintendo is gradually proving that they are now in touch with their core gaming audience, and with sales numbers reaching astronomical heights, it's starting to show in their favor. Let's hope they maintain their consistency and continue to offer new surprises in the future.

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They were the worst. I knew Mario would be awesome so no shock. Metroid ” in development ” bullshit. Show a screen, video, whatever. Cheap out by Nintendo capitalizing on their fanboys passion. Devine development, give me a date. Best part of their shit show was rocket league. I will DEF buy that day 1 but fu Nintendo. Another male crossing? Donkey long? Anything…….shit you had years to figure this out since you knew my Wii U was doomed.


Holy spell check.


You are right. Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Shadow of the Colossus gave me a similar reaction, until I found out what they really were (a prequel and a remaster, respectively).     But with Nintendo? It did several things, like you mentioned in your article:   1. Show that they are listening to their fans (they seemed completely deaf before)   2. Show that they are all-in with the Switch   3. Demonstrate the best console first-year game release schedule since I can remember, with an amazing variety of genres covered   4. Showed the best balance in… Read more »

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