Mongolian teams dominated qualifiers at ROG MASTERS

Four Mongolian teams qualified for 200,000 USD grand final event after coming out on top against teams from Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan.

Mongolian teams dominated qualifiers at ROG MASTERS
ROG MASTERS – Mongolia Stomps its Way Through East Asia Qualifier

Taipei, Taiwan – September 20th, 2016 – Exclusively tailored for Asia, ROG MASTERS continues its mission to uncover rising talent from the local Dota 2 and CS:GO scenes and catapult them into the spotlight. Last weekend was the East Asia qualifier weekend, which brought well-known, established teams together with rising names in the Asian eSports scene. Despite many participants taking their chance to build their reputations, one organization shined in both disciplines. Mongolia now sends four teams to the Grand Finals, with wins over teams from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong secured already. Check out the official website for more information and to see if the rising Mongolian talent will be able to use that confidence boost and live up to its full potential when they face off against Asia’s biggest eSports talents in Kuala Lumpur between November 10th and 13th.

dota 2

Mongolian teams dominated qualifiers at ROG MASTERS
The Dota 2 playoffs presented some strong performances by the qualifier-favorites – MVP Hot6ix, an unstoppable Morphling, and a Mongolian force to be reckoned with. First off, MVP demonstrated their tactical knowledge by relentlessly out-drafting their first opponent Fish Up and quickly advancing to the semi-final match, in which they would face Team Taivnaa (MOL). After an intense back-and-forth, Team Taivnaa surprisingly defeated the Korean overlords and secured their spot in the Grand Finals.

The second bracket featured Mongolian team The MongolZ, who started their weekend off with a nearly perfect 22:1 score versus the Imperial Warriors. Throughout the second match, it took the Mongolians more than 50 minutes to come out on top against Ability, but despite high-level Io plays from their opponents, MongolZ kept the focus. In the semi-finals, opponent Zenith seemed like the only even match on the table. Both teams played well, using Kunkka and Outworld Devourer to their full potential. Eventually, MongolZ won thanks to superior mechanics and teamfighting, demonstrating the hunger for their share of the 200,000 USD prize pool.

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Mongolian teams dominated qualifiers at ROG MASTERS
Similarly to Dota 2, the CS:GO qualifier showed Mongolian dominance left, right and centre. In the first bracket, The MongolZ lost their first pistol round, only to come back spectacularly in the second round, destroying all dominance that enemy team Ignis had gained until then. Their second match-up,, came into the game with an exhausting 28:25 win on their backs, and MongolZ made good use of that, completely outclassing their Korean opponents in the end. With currently the best Japanese CS:GO team, Cipangu, against them, the Mongolian squad struggled for the first time, losing seven rounds in the first half. Ultimately, MongolZ player Tsogoo kept his team in the driving seat by pulling off several important clutch rounds in the second half of the match. After a supreme performance across the board, The MongolZ are sending two teams to the Kuala Lumpur Grand Finals.

With well-known organization MVP in the second bracket, it was obvious that Korea would aim for the second Grand Final ticket. After giving no ground to their first two enemies, Team Zynchronize from Hong Kong and Japanese 4dimensioN eTROVE, everybody expected MVP to succeed against the second strongest Mongolian team: SavorTheFear. Despite being the underdog, STF had earned their semi-final spot by winning against teams from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan before. Due to superior AWP plays from mka, and HurtsAC playing himself into a 20-kill frenzy, MVP found themselves with their backs against the wall. When the score hit 16:9, the winner was SavorTheFear, not MVP – a big surprise for both casters and community.

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Qualifier Winners

Dota 2

The MongolZ
Team Taivnaa (MOL)


The MongolZ

Further information about the ROG MASTERS tournament schedule can be found on the official website. 

Experience eSports in Kuala Lumpur

Through a series of regional qualifiers in OCE, EA, SEA, CN, and ROA, the eSports stars of tomorrow are given a chance to shine for their home crowds. On November 12th and 13th, the best of the best from all five regions will come together for the Offline Grand Finals in Kuala Lumpur – the city that truly lives and breathes eSports!

With entry to the event totally free, the crowd will be loud and the competition will be fierce. The stakes are high: this is the chance to launch a career. The path is demanding, but a synergistic and well-prepared team could come out victorious. Could it be you?

Stay tuned with ROG MASTERS on Facebook and Twitter.

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