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Anime Boston 2019 Interview: Ellyn Stern

Anime Boston 2019 Interview: Ellyn Stern

Ellyn Stern has been an actor, writer, director, and producer in the anime and video game industries for over 35 years. She's lent her talents to such properties as Bleach, Ghost in the Shell, Blue Dragon, Star Ocean, Wild Arms, and many mo...

Anime Boston 2019 Interview: Leah Clark

Anime Boston 2019 Interview: Leah Clark

It's obvious to see why so many aspiring actors look to Leah Clark for inspiration, as she's voiced characters like Fairy Tail's Mavis Vermillion, High School DxD's Asia, Assassination Classroom’s Yukiko, and New Game!'s Yun Ijima. Find out...

Anime Boston 2019 Interview: Tara Sands

Anime Boston 2019 Interview: Tara Sands

In addition to bringing some of Pokemon's most recognizable creatures to life, Tara Sands has voiced popular characters from Yu-Gi-Oh!, Hunter x Hunter, Digimon Adventure Tri, and more. Discover which roles have had the biggest impact on th...

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection Review

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection Review (Spoiler-Free)

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection has no reason to exist. Despite this, it stays true to the vision that brought this magical mecha universe to life over a decade ago. Fans will find that it's filled with impressive mecha battles, en...

Final Fantasy XV Saga Concludes with Touching Artwork

Final Fantasy XV's A New Dawn DLC series may be cancelled, but its stories live on in a novel called The Dawn of the Future. Square Enix revealed another piece of artwork for the franchise in celebration of the book's launch. Spoilers: it m...

Anime Boston 2019 Interview: Lisa Ortiz

At Anime Boston this year, we had the chance to sit down with renowned voice actress and ADR director Lisa Ortiz in order to ask her a few questions about her long involvement with the Pokemon animated series. Learn how to come up with awes...

Rand Show 2019

In 2019 the South African Rand Show decided to get with the times and add gaming and cosplay as part of their extensive lineup of attractions. As such we had to see if this 125-year-old funfair was able to keep up with today's vibrant youth...

Insomnia 64 – How Was It?

Insomnia 64 opened its doors this past Easter Weekend at Birmingham's NEC, so of course we had to go down and check out the show! Lets take a look over what Insomnia 64 had to offer, and to see if it could improve on the already outstanding...

New Switch Game Announced by Tokyo Ghoul Creator

Sui Ishida and Japanese media company Broccoli will release a new rhythm-based visual novel game titled Jack Jeanne for Switch sometime next year. Tokyo Ghoul mangaka Sui Ishida and Japanese manga, anime, trading card, and video game compan...

Aniplex to Release Magia Record This Summer

The hit magical girl RPG starring new and familiar faces will be making its debut on American and Canadian smartphones soon. Aniplex of America recently announced its plans to bring f4samurai's Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Si...

Anime NYC Interview: Mayumi Shintani

Our interview with the Japanese voice actress for FLCL's Haruko Haruhara and Kill la Kill's Nonon Jakuzure has finally arrived! Learn about Mayumi Shintani's thoughts on returning to Haruko after so many years and her frame of mind when voi...

Rumor: Next Assassin’s Creed Game Takes Place in Viking Age

The next Assassin's Creed game could take place in in the Viking Age. A Youtuber finds an easter egg that could possibly hint at where the Historical series could go next. Nothing, however, has been confirmed. After setting their last game ...

Nintendo Labo VR Support Coming to Two Major Switch Games

For fans of Nintendo Labo VR, two universally-acclaimed games will eventually be added to its cardboard-style fun. Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will feature Nintendo Labo VR support in a free update coming...

Hearthstone Expansion Rise of Shadows Rolls Out April 9

Hearthstone's Rise of Shadows expansion is almost here! Blizzard has now unveiled all the Rise of Shadows cards. Hearthstone players await the latest expansion with bated breath. Hearthstone is a collectible card game that enthralls million...

Borderlands: The Handsome Jack Collection Free this Weekend

Borderlands has been on a tear lately. Borderland: The Handsome Jack Collection will be free to play for Xbox and PC owners this weekend. One can also purchase games for $15 at retail and digital storefronts. There's been a lot of Borde...

Weekly News Roundup Issue #48

This is your latest Weekly News Roundup. Every week we gather together last week's most prominent news from right here at KeenGamer for the busier folks out there looking for more bitesize news. Yet another busy week has landed as the games...

Mario and Sonic Heading to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

The last time Tokyo hosted the Summer Olympics was 1964. Mario and Sonic haven't been to the Olympics since 2016 in Rio. Sega announced they're once again pitting Sonic against Mario in their motherland with Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Gam...

Borderlands 3 Announced, More Information To Come Next Week

Gearbox has finally announced the long-awaited third Borderlands game after an hour of the most awkward boring nonsense I've ever experienced. The trailer for Borderlands 3 looks great though. After an hour of intense boredom, technical err...

Final Fantasy VII on Switch suffers from Bugs

The Nintendo Switch version of Final Fantasy VII is suffering from an audio bug. Overworld theme will reset after encounters. Initially found in the PC Version. Today, Final Fantasy VII was released on both the Xbox One and Nintendo Sw...

Soccer pro Dele Alli partners with Secretlab

It's no secret that soccer star Dele Alli enjoys gaming during his downtime. It's only natural that he would want to sit down in only the absolute best gaming chairs have to offer and that's where Secretlab comes in. English Premier League ...

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