Author: Abigail Westwood

Considerably better at virtual skateboarding than in real life. PlayStation enthusiast, extensive knowledge of useless information and an only slightly scary fascination with horror.  Uses platinum trophies as a form of self-validation.

Chef Life A Restaurant Simulator PS5 Review

Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator Review – More Than Just Cooking (PS5)

Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator blends together chefing gameplay and interior design customisation, to bring together a unique restaurant simulator. Cooking dishes is important, yet there is so much more you need to do. Order stocks, assi...

7 Good
Session Switch Review

Session: Skate Sim Review – Skateboard In Your Pocket (Switch)

Following the success of it's console launch, Session: Skate Sim is set to land on Nintendo Switch worldwide in the near future. Despite hardware limitations and a graphics downgrade, the port to Switch still plays as a solid skateboarding ...

6 Fair
No Longer Home Review (PS5)

No Longer Home Review: Home Bittersweet Home (PS5)

No Longer Home is a short and bittersweet visual novel depicting the real life struggles of the developers in abstract ways. The 2 hour narrative will see you reading through thought-provoking dialogue and rotating the scenery to proceed, a...

6.5 Fair
Deliver Us Mars Review: Mars Is More Than Just Rocks and Dust (PS5)

Deliver Us Mars Review: Mars Is More Than Rocks and Dust (PS5)

Deliver Us Mars is a unique adventure set in space. We follow protagonist Kathy in her linear story through breathtaking horizons as she tries her best to complete her mission. A well-paced narrative is brought to life by a brilliant cast, ...

8 Great
SEASON A Letter to the Future Review, A Beautiful Bike Ride (PS5)

SEASON: A Letter to the Future Review, A Beautiful Bike Ride (PS5)

SEASON: A Letter to the Future is a wonderful narrative adventure where you explore an unknown world as protagonist Estelle. A combination of a unique art style and soundtrack make for a relaxing experience while cycling through beautiful l...

8 Great
Best 6 Skateboarding Games in 2022

6 Best Skateboarding Games in 2022

A list of the best 6 skateboarding games available in 2022 and beyond for consoles, including Switch, PC and mobile. There are a variety of arcade-style games and realistic simulators available, so if you're a skater looking for something n...

Session Skate Sim All Historical Challenges

Session: Skate Sim All Historical Challenges

Here are all locations and tricks for Session: Skate Sim Historical Challenges, including images and specifics for each trick. Session: Skate Sim has recreated some of the most well known spots in skateboarding history and with those there ...

Saint Kotar Review A Slow Burn

Saint Kotar Review: A Slow Burn (PS5)

Saint Kotar is a slow-moving, psychological horror game with point-and-click controls. The air of mystery creates the most suspense, yet despite it's problems, there is an interesting story hidden behind the awkward game-play and complicate...

4.5 Poor
Asterix&Obelix XXXL The Ram From Hibernia Review Triple Extra Fun

Asterix & Obelix XXXL: The Ram From Hibernia Review – Triple Extra Fun (PS5)

Asterix and Obelix are back in their most recent adventure, Asterix & Obelix XXXL: The Ram From Hibernia. With multiple worlds to explore and objects to throw, you help Asterix and Obelix smash their way through challenges to help the p...

6.5 Fair
Skate City Review PS4

Skate City Review: Kick, Flip, and Relax (PS4)

Skate City came to consoles last year, following it's success on the Apple Arcade. There is a soothing atmosphere in Skate City, with various real-world locations recreated in the unique art-style for you to skate. The controls are easy to ...

8 Great
Unusual Findings Review A Tubular Find (PS4)

Unusual Findings Review: A Tubular Find (PS4)

Unusual Findings is an 80s themed, point-and-click sci-fi adventure, with challenging puzzles and a visually pleasing pixel art-style. Funny dialogue and keen attention to detail make for an overall fun experience and should be a nice chall...

7 Good
Bugsnax Bugapedia- All Bugsnax Locations (2)

Bugsnax Bugapedia: All Bugsnax Locations

Bugsnax offers a large variety of Snax to capture and feed to your town's people. Here I have put together all Bugsnax locations, likes and dislikes such as sauces, and equipment needed to capture them, as found in the in game Bugapedia. Bu...

Session: Skate Sim Review, A Skater's Perspective (PS4)

Session: Skate Sim Review – A Skater’s Perspective (PS4)

Instead of just another arcade based skateboarding game, the team at Crea-ture studio decided to take a step in another direction. Session: Skate Sim is the result of a team of talented skateboarders and developers sitting down together, de...

8.5 Great
6 Of The Best Underrated Indie Games

6 Of The Best Underrated Indie Games

Over the past decade, indie games have made a big impact in the gaming community. However, being created by independent developers sometimes means that a game won't get the love or attention that they deserve. Here I have chosen 6 of the be...

5 Beautiful Open Worlds with Easy Platinums

5 Beautiful Open Worlds With Easy Platinums

My choice of 5 beautiful open world games with easy platinums. Choices based on narratives, gameplay and of course the open world. The platinum trophies are relatively easy too, albeit some a little time consuming. Before I begin, I’d...

skate. What we know and What we expect

Skate. What We Know and What We Expect

Following its initial release in 2007, the Skate franchise has redefined the skateboarding game genre. With innovative controls, creative freedom as well as the ability to skate with some of your favourite pro’s, here I look at the history ...

5 Games That Creatively Use The DualShock 4

Upon release, the DualShock 4 was to be revolutionary. Building on past strengths, it also boasted various new features- yet, the eighth generation controller was largely overlooked by most developers. However, other developers creatively i...