Author: William Stanton

William Stanton graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 2018 with a bachelors in Writing Seminars. He taught English for four years at the high school level in Pennsylvania, and then moved to New York. He loves playing mmorpgs and VR titles, and believes in the future of the technology. Some of the pancake games he plays are old school Runescape, Genshin Impact, and Black Desert Online. He is eagerly awaiting the next big VR mmo.

Ninja Legends Review: A Unique Melee in VR (Oculus Quest)

Ninja Legends is an exciting game that challenges players in a new way, especially compared to other melee titles. The game has received far too little attention for what it offers, and it is clear that the developers still care about their...

7 Good
Light Brigade Review - A Satisfying Atmospheric Roguelike in VR

Light Brigade Review – A Satisfying Atmospheric Roguelite in VR (Oculus Quest)

Light Brigade offers a challenging rougelite experience in VR, reminiscent of In Death Unchained and Dark Souls. Fight against a horde of demonic warped enemies with the powers of guns, magic, and prayers. Light Brigade shines like a candle...

9 Amazing

Arcaxer Review: JRPG Goodness in VR (Oculus Quest)

Arcaxer is a nostalgic JRPG style trip through a gauntlet of fun bullet hell mechanics, enjoyable character dialogue, a memorable story, and unified aesthetics. The title is unique among current offerings in the VR space, and is an ambitio...

8.5 Great

Barbaria Review: Dungeon Builder Meets Hack N’ Slash (Oculus Quest)

Barbaria VR is a mashup of Dungeon Master/ Clash of Clans and Gorn. The unique combination encourages competitive play between players and an incentive to burn a few more calories by raiding enemy strongholds. However, past the core gamepla...

6 Fair

SwordsmanVR Review: Two Years into a Solid VR Sword fighting Entry

Swordsman VR is a solid entry for fans of physical fighting games in VR that adds to previously established sword-fighting titles such as Blade and Sorcery, Hellsplit Arena, and Tales of Glory. The game offers a different approach to establ...

6.8 Fair