Author: Bruno Citoni

Engineering PhD, musician, writer, gamer and master of none. I mostly play RPGs, strategy and management games and the freshests Indie gems.

Fights in Tight Spaces Review: Bare-Knuckle Tactics

Fights in Tight Spaces Review: Bare-Knuckle Tactics

Deal with multiple threats in very tight spaces using a hands-on approach to crime fighting in this game blending deck-building, turn-based tactics, and spectacular action moves. Make the most out of your surroundings to turn your enemies ...

8 Great
Gordian Quest Preview A Roguelike Melting Pot cover

Gordian Quest Preview: A Roguelike Melting Pot

Gather your party and venture forth! The recent update to RPG/roguelike deckbuilder Gordian Quest adds the Act III of the campaign alongside many other improvements. As a party of heroes you'll set out to find a cure for an ancient curse by...

ATOM RPG: Trudograd Review: A Modern Take On cRPGs

Two years after the events of the Fallout-inspired ATOM RPG, you are sent on a new secret mission to the decaying metropolis of Trudograd. Here you will have to track and recover a pre-war weapon capable to deal with a new impending threat ...

7.5 Good
Roguebook Review (PC): Slay the Book

Roguebook Review: Slay the Book

Set in a fantasy word, Roguebook is one of the latest entries in the roguelike deckbuilders panorama. Developed alongside Richard Garfield, the Magic: The Gathering creator, Roguebook borrows heavily from the genre's staples, but also intro...

7.5 Good
Spellcaster University Review Hogwarts for Fish cover

Spellcaster University Review: Hogwarts for Fish

Hailed by players as a Hogwarts simulator, Spellcaster University mixes elements from different genres to create a truly unique gaming experience. Can you build a school to train the best mages of our time and finally defeat the Lord of Evi...

6.5 Fair
gloomhaven 7 beginner's tips

7 Beginner’s Tips To Be a Successful Mercenary in Gloomhaven

If you are new to the punishing world of Gloomhaven, these 7 beginner's tips will help you navigate the game's strategic combat. With the board game adaptation coming out of Early Access towards the end of 2021, it's a great time to learn h...

Cities: Skylines Gets New Content Creator Packs and Radio Stations conver

Cities: Skylines Gets New Content Creator Packs and Radio Stations

New content for the popular city builder Cities: Skylines has been released. Along with two new radio stations, two content creator packs, featuring assets created by popular modders that include new bridges, piers and transit stations are ...

Gloomhaven Preview: A Great Adaptation of the Board Game Sensation cover

Gloomhaven Preview: A Great Adaptation of the Board Game Sensation

Experience the phenomenon that is Gloomhaven, the early-access digital adaptation of the top rated board game of all time! Start enjoying the hit strategic gameplay ahead of the full release by embarking in the newly designed Guildmaster mo...