Author: Tommus Gerwin

Existing somewhere in one of the Final Fantasy universes, Tommus manages to find some spare time to write about games. Gaming has been his most consistent pastime since he can remember, and he decided that the best place for him to be was in the midst of it all. To this day he still hails Fallout: New Vegas as his all time favorite game, and dabbles in others such as the Final Fantasy and Metro series.

Next-Gen Winning Console Controller Cover

Why Neither Next-Gen Console is “Winning” Yet

Some hardcore fans of PlayStation and Xbox are looking at the way Sony and Microsoft are approching next-gen to try and prematurely call a "winner" for the nonexistent "console war." However, the truth is both brands need to approach next-g...

system shock 3 tencent cover

System Shock 3 Development Is Now Being Aided By Tencent

OtherSide Entertainment announced that Tencent will be supporting the development of System Shock 3. The studio stated that due to its small size it became difficult to carry the project on its own, and it looks forward to Tencent's experie...

Unreal Engine 5 Showcase Cover

Epic Showcases Unreal Engine 5 On PS5

The Unreal Engine 5 Showcase came in with an illuminating presence. It was shown off with a striking demo running on the PlayStation 5, giving a pretty clear picture of what the engine, and next-gen consoles, will be capable of graphically....

The Medium Cover

Hellish Horror Title The Medium Snags Silent Hill Composer

Akira Yamaoka, the legendary composer behind Silent Hill, is working on Bloober's upcoming title, The Medium. The trailer showed chilling imagery and gave a taste of what players can expect with gameplay footage. A release date is yet to be...

Scorn Resurfaces As a Next-Gen Horrorscape

Scorn has resurfaced from the dark abyss as an Xbox Series X next-gen title. A grotesque new trailer showed the game isn't dead despite the atmosphere. The trailer showed off several dark and ominous scenes, but offered little in the way of...

Xbox 20/20 cover image

Xbox 20/20 Brings Monthly Updates For Fans

Xbox has announced monthly updates leading into the holiday season. They're calling the string of events Xbox 20/20 to fall in line with their push on transparency. The May 7th episode of Inside Xbox will be the launch of the monthly initia...

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