Author: Ryan Gill

I am a 23-year old British Games Writer looking to get more involved in the gaming industry. I enjoy playing games from all sorts of genres and have a particular love for sim racing games. I co-founded a sim racing community called Racing Club International (RCI) which now has over 4500 active members. I regularly race in sim racing events when I find the time and I have won an endurance race whilst representing RCI in the RCI Motorsport Pink Team.

Monster Hunter Rise title image.

Monster Hunter Rise Is Coming to PC

Capcom has announced that their latest entry into the Monster Hunter series, "Monster Hunter Rise", is set to release on PC, though not at any point in 2021. The title has since been confirmed for a March 26th release for Nintendo Switch. T...

Stardew Valley Is a Prime Example of How to Treat a Fanbase

Could Stardew Valley's success lie in the treatment its fanbase has received from developer ConcernedApe? Today, let's dive into why Stardew Valley is attracting more players than ever before as the 1.5 update release sees the peak player c...