Author: K Srinivasa Naidu S

Srinivasa is Passionate about Games, Movies and art in general, mostly playing games on PC. He has been an author at Keengame since late 2022 and primarily works in reviews and news about Indie games.  He loves to discuss and debate about all of them until it gets toxic.

Lost Awakening Review Handmade and Charming_Featured Image

Lost Awakening Review: Handmade and Charming

Lost Awakening is a point-and-click adventure game which asks the question...what would it be like to play a dream or a drug trip? And it completely commits to this idea for good and bad. The trippy visuals along with the deadpan humour car...

6.5 Fair
Gimmick! Special Edition Featured Image

Gimmick! Special Edition Review: Reliving the Past (PC)

Gimmick! Special Edition is a re-release of the 1992 platform Gimmick! from Sunsoft video game on all modern platforms, so that it can be preserved and replayed along with addition aspects which make the game more accessible while maintaini...

6.5 Fair
Brotato Review Simply Fun_ Featured Image

Brotato Review: Simply Fun (PC)

Brotato is a action roguelite in which the players play as a potato facing waves of aliens. The game is simple and is all about getting the best run with the powerups available as the guns shoot automatically. The grind, the chase for all t...

8 Great
Liberté Review Featured Image

Liberté Review: Bloated With Too Many Ideas

Liberté is a deck-builder rogue-lite top-down game set during the French Revolution with a twist of a body horror eldritch monster lurking around. Liberté is a game with great ideas which end up piling on each other, leading to a bloated ga...

4.5 Poor
System Shock Review A Remake done Right Featured Image

System Shock Review: A Remake Done Right (PC)

System Shock is an iconic game with a lot of influence which still resonates in the present gaming landscape. After 30 years, Nightdive Studios shows has bought it back with the remake to showcase and experience System Shock for a whole new...

10 Perfect
Wee Tanks! Featured Image

Wee Tanks! Review: Simple Yet Elegant

Wee Tanks! is a game where you take control of a little tank and blast away hundreds of enemy tanks across various maps and game modes! The game has three main modes: the campaign, Online Multiplayer and Survival mode. All this gives the pl...

7 Good
Inkbound Preview Inky and Charming Featured Image

Inkbound Preview: Inky and Charming

Inkbound is an indie turn-based rouge-like RPG with live service elements. Indie games often have this quality of merging very different genres. A game like this can be excellent or pretty bad. Luckily, Inkbound, even in its early access st...

Unwording Review Featured Image

Unwording Review: Walking Through One’s Mind

Unwording is an adventure and spelling game that tries to showcase depression in the life of an average individual. The game is very much based on how one perceives it and has a unique way of saying this. The change of perspective is what t...

6.5 Fair
KILLBUG Review Simple Arcade FPS

KILLBUG Review: Simple Arcade FPS

KILLBUG is a game which wears its heart on its sleeve. As the name states, the game is about Killing Bugs, and that's all. It is a simple FPS arcade game where one plays one level repeatedly and game like this have a progression system as o...

7 Good
Hunt the Night Review Hard, Challenging and Retro

Hunt the Night Review: Hard, Challenging and Retro

Hunt the Night is a challenging but rewarding game that rewards players with new gear, timing, and skill. It takes place in a world where humans and monsters live in a cycle, where humans come together to stop the cycle. Dark Souls and Bloo...

9 Amazing
Escape From The Red Planet Review: A Unique Twist on Tower Defence

Escape From The Red Planet Review: A Unique Twist on Tower Defence

Escape From The Red Planet is a tower defence game incorporating aspects of lite resource management and rail shooters. That sounds like many things, but Escape From The Red Planet manages to simplify this concept to its bone. This simplifi...

7 Good
Hunt the Night Featured Image

Retro Action RPG “Hunt the Night” set to launch on 13th April

Hunt the Night is a retro-style action-adventure game which combines fast, skilled gameplay and dark fantasy lore, which is set to release soon on PC with a release date of April 13th while arriving at consoles on a later date. Hunt the Nig...

SokoChess White Featured Image

SokoChess White Review : Simple and Fun

SokoChess White is a chess based puzzle game which plays with idea of the movement of chess pieces combined with extra mechanics of pushing and positioning them. It is a simple but effective puzzle game that manages to balance itself while ...

7.5 Good
PERISH Featured Image

PERISH Review: A Strictly Co-op Experience

PERISH is one to four-player co-op FPS game with hints of rogue lite. The game is nothing new as it takes the players through the realms of purgatory trying to get out as the player levels up with upgrades and as you upgrade your weapons an...

4.5 Poor
Avatar The Way of Water Cover Page

Avatar The Way of Water Review : Spectacle all the Way

Avatar:The Way of Water is a spectacle of an experience. An experience which is only to be experienced on the biggest possible screen. It may have its routine storyline and cliché characters but the movie carriers itself through its great d...

7.5 Good
Thy Creature Cover Image

Thy Creature Review: Relentless Bullet Hell Experience (PC)

Thy Creature is a fascinating retelling of the classic Frankenstein story with a twist. The themes of memories and how they make a person is fun. The gameplay is fun with its exploration and relentlessly hard but fun gameplay. The game is b...

9 Amazing
The Forest Quartet Review featured image

The Forest Quartet Review: A Musical Narrative (PC)

The Forest Quartet is a musical narrative game which bends its puzzles with its great atmosphere. The game is a visual and atmospheric treat, while it may lack in terms of its gameplay with its simple puzzles. The game, on the whole, themes...

6.5 Fair
Evidence 111 Review Cover page

Evidence 111 Review: Interactive Audio Book

Evidence 111 is one of the most unique experiences I have ever had playing a game. With games being a very visual medium it is interesting to see how a game will work with no real visuals. While Evidence 111 can be a bit messy with its murd...

7.5 Good
All Marvel Phase 4 Movies Ranked from Best to Worst Cover

All Marvel Phase 4 Movies Ranked from Best to Worst

Marvel Cinematic Universe has stepped into its new phase after ending one of the biggest movie saga ever. So with Phase 4, the MCU is building up again to a new saga and storyline. The Phase has recently come to its conclusion, So here we a...

Manafinder Review: Classic JRPG with a Twist

Manafinder Review: Classic JRPG with a Twist

Manafinder pits itself as a classic JRPG-style game but it ends up being something different. While managing to riff off classic JRPGs Manafinder finds its own identity by having only one character and streamlined gameplay and storytelling....

8 Great
Insomnis Review Cover Page

Insomnis Review: Brief and Focused Horror (PC)

Insomnis is a typical horror walking simulator. It is slow and carries itself through its atmosphere and jump scares. The gameplay of the game takes a backseat to the story. But the story and its beats end up getting very repetitive which d...

4 Poor
The Bad Son Review Corny Pixel Horror Cover

The Bad Son Review: Corny Pixel Horror

The Bad Son is an odd game. The Game is just here to tell an odd but interesting story about a mysterious town and its secrets. The game seems like when someone has tunnel vision on only the story and atmosphere. This makes a game with an i...

5 Average
NeverAwake Review

NeverAwake Review: Effortlessly Fun (PC)

NeverAwake is a simple scrolling arcade twin-stick shooter. It is nothing new, but it does not need to be, as it does what it tries to pretty well. It is fun with its good gameplay and art style, while the story stays as an emotional backdr...

8 Great

Skull and Bones gets Delayed Yet Again

Skull and Bones has had a long and tumultuous development, with the game starting production almost ten years ago. It does seem like the developers cannot catch a break with the latest delay of four months which counts up to the fifth delay...

Cover Image

Gotham Knights PC Trailer Reveals Advanced Features

Gotham Knights showcase its advanced features coming to its PC port with a new PC trailer. The trailer presents all the improvements and presets coming improvements and customization in the upcoming next-gen title. Gotham Knights is the upc...

Hokko Life Review Cover

Hokko Life Review: Needlessly Slow and Grindy (PC)

Hokko Life tries its best to be a cosy and chilly game like Animal Crossing on PC. The game tries to get the same feelings and gameplay across but misses the mark quite a few ways. This ends up with the game feeling monotonous, slow and gri...

3 Bad
Top 5 Episodic Video Games of all time

Top 5 Episodic Video Games of all time

Episodic Video Games are a rarity, but being rare does not mean that they are bad but rather unique. There have been quite a few great episodic games which have been released over the years and these are few of the best ever. Episodic story...