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Insomnis Review Cover Page

Insomnis Review: Brief and Focused Horror (PC)

Insomnis is a typical horror walking simulator. It is slow and carries itself through its atmosphere and jump scares. The gameplay of the game takes a backseat to the story. But the story and its beats end up getting very repetitive which d...

4 Poor
The Bad Son Review Corny Pixel Horror Cover

The Bad Son Review: Corny Pixel Horror

The Bad Son is an odd game. The Game is just here to tell an odd but interesting story about a mysterious town and its secrets. The game seems like when someone has tunnel vision on only the story and atmosphere. This makes a game with an i...

5 Average
NeverAwake Review

NeverAwake Review: Effortlessly Fun (PC)

NeverAwake is a simple scrolling arcade twin-stick shooter. It is nothing new, but it does not need to be, as it does what it tries to pretty well. It is fun with its good gameplay and art style, while the story stays as an emotional backdr...

8 Great

Skull and Bones gets Delayed Yet Again

Skull and Bones has had a long and tumultuous development, with the game starting production almost ten years ago. It does seem like the developers cannot catch a break with the latest delay of four months which counts up to the fifth delay...

Cover Image

Gotham Knights PC Trailer Reveals Advanced Features

Gotham Knights showcase its advanced features coming to its PC port with a new PC trailer. The trailer presents all the improvements and presets coming improvements and customization in the upcoming next-gen title. Gotham Knights is the upc...

Hokko Life Review Cover

Hokko Life Review: Needlessly Slow and Grindy (PC)

Hokko Life tries its best to be a cosy and chilly game like Animal Crossing on PC. The game tries to get the same feelings and gameplay across but misses the mark quite a few ways. This ends up with the game feeling monotonous, slow and gri...

3 Bad
Top 5 Episodic Video Games of all time

Top 5 Episodic Video Games of all time

Episodic Video Games are a rarity, but being rare does not mean that they are bad but rather unique. There have been quite a few great episodic games which have been released over the years and these are few of the best ever. Episodic story...