Author: Shayne Watson

Shayne Watson is a journalist from the United States who started writing for KeenGamer in November of 2023. With over 6 years of writing, editing, design and photography experience, she earned her degree in journalism from the University of Central Florida. She is a casual gamer and will write weekly articles primarily on Stardew Valley, Pokémon and entertainment.

Stardew Valley Dating Guide: Elliott

Stardew Valley Dating Guide: Elliott

Out of the 12 dateable characters in Stardew Valley, Elliott might be the most difficult to win over. As a homebody, he may be difficult to find, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to capture his heart. In this Stardew Valley dating guid...

Stardew Valley Dating Guide: Alex

In Stardew Valley, every NPC has a unique back story and building relationships with them with help you advance faster in the game. In this Stardew Valley Dating Guide, we will go over how to strengthen your relationship with Alex, the athl...