Author: Omankar Omi

Omankar is a 19 year-old video game nerd with a nihilistic ideations. He is a huge Halo and Bioshock fan and is eager to try out his newbie journalist skills.

Kerbal Space Program Guide Essential mods to make the Game better Cover

Kerbal Space Program Guide: Essential Mods to Make the Game Better

Mods are essential for enjoying Kerbal Space Program. In Kerbal Space Program, you must assemble all of the craft and machines, plan out the missions, and do the piloting while pushing ever further into the darkness of space. There is a mod...

BioShock Infinite Review: The American Nightmare (PC)

Bioshock Infinite aims high, quite literally as it is set on the floating cloud city of Columbia in the 1910s. It's a wonder that it hits any of the lofty goals it sets up. But then again, it more than hits them, again and again. With two s...

9.5 Amazing

Resident Evil 4 Guide: Best Weapons

Resident Evil 4 has a massive arsenal. So, it can be difficult to manage your weapons on the first playthrough. To give themselves the best chance for survival, players should know which weapons to prioritize. This guide will help you figur...

Resident Evil Village Guide Location of all Food items Cover

Resident Evil Village Guide: Location of all Food items

This guide will help you find all the food items in Resident Evil Village to unlock recipes. Struggling to find find resources to craft dishes and improve your stats? This guide will help you out. Resident Evil Village made a new addition t...

Halo 4 Review; A Flawed Masterpiece(PC)

Halo 4 Review: A Flawed Masterpiece (PC)

At the time of its release, Halo 4 was perhaps the most controversial Halo game, which polarized the fanbase. After chronicling humanity's defeat in Halo: Reach, the series developer Bungie passed the reins to 343 Industries and while it ma...

7 Good