Author: Nick Banks

A dyed in the wool gamer from a very young age. Nick is engaged in a never-ending battle, trying to decide if he wants to play games or write about them. A huge Witcher fan, lord of the opinion piece and lover of the shiniest graphics in all the land!

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PlayStation Update 5.00 Is Here And It’s A Big One

As PS4 owners we’ve all grown accustomed to seeing to news on updates. More often than not, they’re very minor. Yet, as we now reach the big 5.00 in the life cycle of our beloved console, some big changes are going down. It’s all too easy t...

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The Witcher Gets Documentary Series And Netflix Treatment

The Witcher fans rejoice! Plenty of video content is on the way to satisfy our cravings for more Geralt related entertainment. The latest news on this comes in the form of YouTuber, noclip’s latest crowdfunded documentary on CD Projekt Red ...

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The Solus Project Review (PS4)

The Solus Project came as something of a surprise to Playstation VR owners. Starting out as a normal screen based game on Steam, it soon came with an optional VR setting for HTC Vive and Oculus owners. Shortly after, it arrived on the PlayS...

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Detroit: Become Human – First Impressions

It has been just over a year since we first saw Detroit: Become Human’s first teaser trailer. Heavy Rain creators, Quantic Dream, already had a massive fan base after becoming renowned for creating incredible interactive dramas. In the year...

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Rapture Devs, The Chinese Room, Will Be “Going Dark”

The Chinese Room is renowned among gamers as masters of storytelling and creation of atmosphere. They have found success in Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, A Machine For Pigs and Dear Esther. In some cases, it would appear no amount of suc...

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Echo Will Turn You Into Your Own Worst Enemy

As the AAA industry has begun to show signs of stagnation (holiday sales for the likes of Titanfall 2, Dishonored 2 and Infinite Warfare all suffered this time last year), it would appear independently published games are on the rise. Echo ...

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Strange Brigade – First Impressions

Upon my visit to EGX 2017, The Strange Brigade was not even something I was looking out for. Yet it caught my attention all the same. How hypnotic it was with its colourful cartoonish design, co-op wave survival and quirky narrator. "What n...

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4 Reasons Destiny 2 Desperately Needs a Photo Mode

Many beautiful moments are to be had in Destiny 2. Sure, we can capture screenshots and take videos. But as we've seen in other titles of late - an integrated photo mode definitely has its merits. Here, we'll look at why those merits would ...

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Fortnite Proves How Easy Crossplay Could Be With A “Mistake”

Fortnite developer Epic Games forgets to add a piece of code prohibiting crossplay between consoles. Sony has always been a hardliner about crossplay. Did Epic Games mean to do this as a kind of activism? Or was the co-op survival game mist...