Author: Max Fagandini

I've been working as a musician for over a decade with a love of video games simmering quietly on the side. I'm excited to finally be able to write about them for you lovely folks! You can also find me on Twitter and Twitch.

MindSeize review: Treading Familiar Ground

MindSeize Review: Treading Familiar Ground (Switch)

Villainous robots have made off with your daughter’s mind in MindSeize, a planet-hopping action-platformer in the vein of retro Metroidvania games. Is it a worthy successor to the classics, or does it prioritise style over substance? Let’s ...

6.7 Fair

Hades and the Dance of Death in Roguelikes

The inevitable cycle of death and rebirth in roguelikes is a tough sell for many players, but Hades masterfully dodges this classic problem. Between delightful characterisation of NPCs, the gradual reveal of plot details and a meaningful se...

5 Zelda Games That Should Come to Switch

As we raise our glasses to 35 years of Super Mario, we’ve got to wonder: what does Nintendo have in store for another of its most popular franchises? The Legend of Zelda has its own 35th anniversary coming up next year, so let's take a look...

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