Author: Emanuel Ortiz

Emanuel is a horror junkie that spends too much of his free time looking for the next piece of horror content to engage with. He also loves traveling, talking about the latest releases in movies and video games, and writing. His favorite games include Persona 5 Royal, God of War, and Resident Evil 7.

Lamb Review: An Uneventful Folktale

Lamb follows a couple who come across an unnatural birth and the consequences that soon ensue. As strange and potentially interesting as that might sound, Lamb is uneventful, has sluggish pacing and lacks tension, making it tough to end up ...

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The Dark Picture Anthology: 3 Improvements We Want to See

Each installment of The Dark Picture Anthology has been improving upon the last, but these improvements will ensure a better product in the future. With two games already available, a third on the way, and 8 installments planned in total, T...