Author: Ciprian Ghibirdic

Just a huge proponent of video games being studied as an art form instead of always being seen as just entertainment. He's also trying very hard not to bring up some philosophical dilemma while discussing gaming. If one engages in an argument with him, it may quickly devolve into an existential crisis.

Death's Door Review PC Cover

Death’s Door Review: Embracing The Unknown (PC)

Soul-reaping doesn't seem to be a tedious job, but Death's Door shines a light upon the fictitious scenario in which the afterlife is bureaucratized. In a world where death came to a halt, an unlikely eulogy holds little to no meaning. Livi...

10 Perfect
Boomerang X Review: A Robust & X-hilarating Superhero Trance (PC) cover

Boomerang X Review: A Robust & X-hilarating Superhero Trance (PC)

Wondering what if, instead of a boomerang returning to the thrower, the user returns to the weapon? That's the question Boomerang X answers. Sprinkling some very useful abilities into the mix, developers DANG! created one of the best superh...

9 Amazing

How Does Celeste Teach Stoicism?

Have you ever thought of interpreting Celeste through the eyes of Stoic philosophy, rather than psychology? Seneca, Epictetus or Marcus Aurelius couldn't have possibly thought that Stoicism could permeate the likes of banger indie games lik...