Author: Kyle Chamaillard

Kyle has a passion for video games, music, and reality tv shows like Survivor and Big Brother. When he is not playing games, he can be found playing the drums, organizing his Amiibo collection, and hanging out with his three cats.

Tennis World Tour 2 Review: A Swing and a Miss PS4

Tennis World Tour 2 Review: A Swing and a Miss (PS4)

Get ready to hit the court and climb up the competitive ladder to become one of the greatest tennis players of all time. While Tennis World Tour 2 could provide deep and rewarding gameplay, its passable controls hinder the player's enjoymen...

3 Bad
KeenGamer's Best Games of the Eighth Generation

KeenGamer’s Best Games of the Eighth Generation

With the eighth-generation of consoles coming to an end, and to celebrate the past seven years of video games, the KeenGamer staff came together to try and decide what the absolute best games were. Staff was asked to name their personal fiv...

The Red Lantern Review: Mushing Through The Snow PC

The Red Lantern Review: Mushing Through the Snow (PC)

Can you survive the harsh environments of Alaska? Face deadly predators and navigate over snowy terrain on the adventure of a lifetime. The Red Lantern is a new story-driven roguelite from Timberline Studios that will challenge players over...

7.2 Good
5 Dormant Sony Franchises That Should Return For PS5

5 Dormant Sony Franchises That Should Return for PS5

With new God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn titles coming, let's look back at some dormant Sony franchises and see which ones should return for the PS5. Sony has been developing unique games on its consoles since they entered the industry in ...

6 Wii U games that still need to be ported to switch

6 Wii U Games That Still Need to Be Ported to the Switch

With the remasters of Pikmin 3 and Super Mario 3D World on the horizon, let's take a look at a few of the remaining Wii U titles that should be ported to the Switch. Despite the Wii U being one of Nintendo's biggest failure's during their t...

Tell Me Why Review: Aint Nothin But A Heartache

Tell Me Why Review: Ain’t Nothin’ but a Heartache (PC)

The newest thrill ride from DONTNOD Studios, Tell Me Why tells an engaging story about family and the search for truth. As Tyler and Alyson Ronan, you must navigate your way through the past and present in order to find out what happened on...

8 Great

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