Author: Kenzie Du

Kenzie received a second childhood by crunching five generations of video game history in her free time – out of pure boredom and fascination. Since then, she’s been obsessively playing and writing about games and interactive fiction.

Why the Switch can be the New Home of the CRPG cover

Why the Switch Can Be the New Home of the CRPG

Where has the cRPG genre gone? The classic and complex genre has found its way from obscurity into the world of the massively popular Nintendo Switch. Can these old games (and their subsequent successors) get a new lease on life with the hy...

Dry Drowning Review: Detective Decisions that Matter (Switch)

The city of Nova Polemos is a haven for those with power, but a nightmare for everyone else. This Dry Drowning Switch review steps in the shoes of a detective entangled in the politics and mystery of this visual novel thriller. But does thi...

7 Good
Home sweet home in Figment

Figment Review: A Surreal Adventure of the Mind (Android)

Tap into your inner courage and defeat the nightmare in this gorgeous hand-painted musical fields of Figment. Explore the human mind to wake up your will to live, passing through challenging puzzles and defeating devious enemies. Figment is...

8 Great

Nine Witches: Family Disruption Review: Pixel Puzzle Nostalgia (Switch)

The Nazis have harnessed the power of the occult, and it's up to you to save humanity from doom! Our Nine Witches: Family Disruption review looks into the stylish graphic adventure that promises a unique storyline and lots of laughs - but w...

7.5 Good

What Can Age of Calamity Bring to Breath of the Wild 2’s Story?

We take a look at some elements of the Hyrule Warriors game that could make their way into the anticipated sequel. With Age of Calamity's story fully revealed to Zelda fans, expectations are now even greater for Breath of the Wild 2's story...

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