Author: Kenzie Du

Kenzie received a second childhood by crunching five generations of video game history in her free time – out of pure boredom and fascination. Since then, she’s been obsessively playing and writing about games and interactive fiction.

Lens Island Preview Craft and Conquer cover

Len’s Island Preview: Craft and Conquer

Find your footing on the Forgotten Island, and one day you may be able to call it your own. Len's Island is a passion project turned highly anticipated epic RPG. The world is your oyster and you can be whatever you want - an explorer, a far...

Book of Travels Preview: A Blank Slate

Set your sights on finding your way in the Braided Shore in Book of Travels. An ambitious new role-playing adventure built for those with a penchant for beautiful storybook worlds and building stories, the game promises an interesting explo...

Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot: The First Cases Review: Whomstdunnit (Switch)

Master detective Hercule Poirot makes another attempt to the jump from book pages to gaming platforms in an ambitious new adventure. Unravel the mysteries of the Mnemosyne House in order to solve a murder. Collect evidence and combine infor...

8 Great

Astria Ascending Review: An RPG Not Quite Rising (Switch)

Built by talented designers of some of the most celebrated RPGs in history, Astria Ascending introduces a beautiful fantasy world and a cast of characters that promise to pull nostalgic players in. Will your adventure with the Fated Eight b...

6.7 Fair
Rogue Lords Review Your Own Campaign of Terror

Rogue Lords Review: Your Own Campaign of Terror

Command your own legion of evil and exact revenge upon your bitterest enemies in Rogue Lords. Summon your Disciples and learn their strengths and weaknesses, so that you can launch a bloodthirsty three-person army - and play some devilish, ...

7.7 Good
OPUS Echo of Starsong Review Space Opera for the Soul cover

OPUS: Echo of Starsong Review: A Space Opera for the Soul

Strap in to the Red Chamber and get ready for an emotional adventure across lightyears and standard years. OPUS: Echo of Starsong features intergalactic misfits in their quest for mysterious starsongs. Danger and drama abound in this narrat...

9.5 Amazing
The Vale Shadow of the Crown An Immersive Audio Adventure cover

The Vale: Shadow of the Crown Review: An Immersive Audio Adventure (PC)

Lend the Kingdom of Glades your ears in the action-packed audio-based role-playing game, The Vale: Shadow of the Crown. You play as Alex, a blind princess and a skilled combatant, who aims to save her beloved lands from an unexpected evil. ...

7.7 Good
Ambition A Minuet in Power Review Romance Revenge Revolution cover

Ambition: A Minuet in Power Review: Romance, Revenge, Revolution

You may be arriving in 18th century Paris as a nobody, but soon this city will be yours for the taking. Ambition: A Minuet in Power puts you in the shoes of a woman determined to have her enemies under a well-manicured thumb and let her nam...

7.5 Good
Road 96 Review Journey of a Thousand Choices

Road 96 Review: The Long and Winding Road Trip (PC)

Road 96 is a procedural narrative adventure that stretches across different protagonists and several miles. Travel through Petria’s corrupted landscape and make decisions that will determine your freedom and survival, and the fate of your c...

8.3 Great
No Longer Home Review This Must Be the Place cover

No Longer Home Review: This Must Be the Place

Witness (or relive) the final moments of moving out of a student flat and into the throes of adulthood in No Longer Home. Pick through boxes, pallets, plus last conversations and goodbyes in this relaxing and relatable visual novel. It’s a ...

7.5 Good
Chicory A Colorful Tale Review Art Attack PS4 cover

Chicory: A Colorful Tale Review: Art Attack (PS4)

The world is your oyster - or rather, your canvas - in the charming and expressive adventure, Chicory: A Colorful Tale. Paint the world in the colors of your choosing and solve the mystery of why the world has gone black-and-white! One of c...

8.5 Great
Umurangi Generation Review Portrait of a City on Fire Switch cover

Umurangi Generation Review: Portrait of a City on Fire (Switch)

Get in touch with your inner artist and explore the vibrant but foreboding world of Umurangi Generation. View a dystopian city through your choice of lens - and either challenge yourself by rushing through your bounties, or explore the meti...

8 Great
Overboard! Review Murder She Rewrote Switch cover

Overboard! Review: Murder, She Rewrote (Switch)

Get away with murder and outwit your fellow passengers in Inkle's newest "youdunnit" adventure, Overboard! Maintain your innocence for one crucial morning on the S.S. Hook, where everything you do (and don't do) will determine your fate. Al...

8.5 Great
The Magnificent Trufflepigs Review - Seek and Ye Shall Find PC cover

The Magnificent Trufflepigs Review: Seek and Ye Shall Find (PC)

Rediscover your inner treasure hunter in The Magnificent Trufflepigs. Equip your trusty metal detector and weave through the fields of Stanning Farm in hopes of finding something of value and turn things around. What will you find? When lif...

6.8 Fair
Sumire Review Forever and a Day switch cover

Sumire Review: Forever and a Day (Switch)

What makes up the "perfect day"? For young Sumire and her magical friend Flower, the desire to meet a lost loved one spins into a journey of redemption and hope. Join them in a colorful narrative adventure across town, ticking items off a s...

9 Amazing
5 Great In-Universe Video Game Songs cover

5 Great In-Universe Video Game Songs

What are some in-universe video game songs that your favorite player characters jam to? Here's a list of songs that build up the emotion and energy in their games. A concert, a street performance, a song on the radio… There’s something magi...

An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs Review A Poignant Pupper Pilgrimage review cover

An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs Review: A Pupper Pilgrimage (PC)

In this surreal apocalyptic adventure across space, the airport is your destination. Travel through different transit areas to meet your lover at the ends of the universe - all while meeting, petting, and questing for the dearest dogs in th...

8 Great
Strangeland Review The Abyss Gazes Also Into You cover

Strangeland Review: The Abyss Gazes Also Into You

Pulsating horrors and puzzling wordplay abound in the place you know as Strangeland. Explore a decaying world filled with bizarre residents and solve supernatural puzzles in this point-and-click adventure. Will you find your way out of this...

8.8 Great
Cosmic Top Secret Review For Your Eyes Only (Switch) cover

Cosmic Top Secret Review: For Your Eyes Only (Switch)

What is a family? In Cosmic Top Secret, it's an intriguing little pile of secrets - from personal histories to information of national interest. Join Agent T in her mission to piece together interviews, old photos, and even declassified int...

8 Great
The Invisible Hand Review the Greed of the Grind cover

The Invisible Hand Review: The Greed of the Grind

Could you be the next big Wall Street superstar? The Invisible Hand lets you take a look into the world of high-flying financial analysts, and what it takes to stay in that position. Through all of the lobbying and luxury, will you win big ...

7.5 Good
Before I Forget Review Forgive and Forget Switch cover

Before I Forget Review: Fleeting Memories (Switch)

Before I Forget examines an extraordinary life, told through the mundane and profound details scattered throughout a home. Players get the chance to understand the debilitating effects of neurocognitive disease through a story about love, l...

8.5 Great
Silicon Dreams Review: The Great Robot Roast cover

Silicon Dreams Review: The Great Robot Roast

Silicon Dreams lets you play as an android tasked to investigate deviants among a society that has become dependent on robots. Will you succeed in extracting information and confessions from your subjects – or will your artificial emotions ...

8.5 Great
Cloud Gardens Preview: An Arborius Apocalypse

Cloud Gardens Preview: An Arborius Apocalypse

There's no need to panic in this organic wasteland gardening simulator. Exercise your green thumb over brutalist landscapes in order to get them ready for nature to take over. Here's an in-depth look at Cloud Gardens, available in Early Acc...

TASOMACHI: Behind the Twilight Review: Electro Beats to Explore To

Take to the skies with your airship and help restore beautiful sprawling towns in TASOMACHI: Behind the Twilight. The fantasy platformer collect-a-thon promises a relaxed experience that lets players kick back and explore – will this simple...

7.5 Good
Genesis Noir Review: Per Aspera Ad Astra (Switch) cover

Genesis Noir Review: Per Aspera Ad Astra (Switch)

Saxophones and singularities come together in a one-of-a-kind game experience. Genesis Noir takes you on a mind-blowing cosmic cruise through time and space in order to save the love of your life - and maybe your own. Will this starry adven...

6.5 Fair
shelter 3 review mom vs wild pc cover

Shelter 3 Review: Mom Versus Wild

Brave the dangers of the forest in order to find a home for you and your herd. Shelter 3 brings players into a world of peace and peril, where your survival depends on your leadership - namely your decision-making and navigation skills. She...

6.5 Fair
Journey of the Broken Circle Review: Feels Complete (PS4)

Journey of the Broken Circle Review: Feeling Complete (PS4)

Roll all the way to your destiny in Journey of the Broken Circle. Join Circle in its search for its missing piece, all while marveling at a beautiful minimalistic world filled with fun-loving characters ready to wax philosophical. Journey ...

8 Great
Signs of the Sojourner Review: Decks, Discussions, and Decisions (Switch)

Signs of the Sojourner Review: Decks, Discussions, and Decisions (Switch)

Travel through a colorful map and deal with the hand you are dealt in Signs of the Sojourner. Follow your mother’s footsteps into a career of discovering cities and personalities, and the perspectives that each brings to your deck of cards ...

7.5 Good

Gnosia Review: Great Beyond Reasonable Doubt (Switch)

Can you play a game of "Among Us" all by yourself? Gnosia brings the identity deduction genre to a futuristic horror landscape, setting players against a colorful cast of characters with their own goals and motivations. Unravel the mystery ...

9 Amazing
Why the Switch can be the New Home of the CRPG cover

Why the Switch Can Be the New Home of the CRPG

Where has the cRPG genre gone? The classic and complex genre has found its way from obscurity into the world of the massively popular Nintendo Switch. Can these old games (and their subsequent successors) get a new lease on life with the hy...

Dry Drowning Review: Detective Decisions that Matter (Switch)

The city of Nova Polemos is a haven for those with power, but a nightmare for everyone else. This Dry Drowning Switch review steps in the shoes of a detective entangled in the politics and mystery of this visual novel thriller. But does thi...

7 Good
Home sweet home in Figment

Figment Review: A Surreal Adventure of the Mind (Android)

Tap into your inner courage and defeat the nightmare in this gorgeous hand-painted musical fields of Figment. Explore the human mind to wake up your will to live, passing through challenging puzzles and defeating devious enemies. Figment is...

8 Great

Nine Witches: Family Disruption Review: Pixel Puzzle Nostalgia (Switch)

The Nazis have harnessed the power of the occult, and it's up to you to save humanity from doom! Our Nine Witches: Family Disruption review looks into the stylish graphic adventure that promises a unique storyline and lots of laughs - but w...

7.5 Good

What Can Age of Calamity Bring to Breath of the Wild 2’s Story?

We take a look at some elements of the Hyrule Warriors game that could make their way into the anticipated sequel. With Age of Calamity's story fully revealed to Zelda fans, expectations are now even greater for Breath of the Wild 2's story...