Author: Kara Phillips-Ashman

After receiving a DS Lite and Pokémon Pearl for Christmas many moons ago, her childhood was filled with realities far from her own. Now as a fully grown adult, she's a true devotee to the weird and wonderful world of Nintendo.

Bonito Days Review: Sit Back and Relax (Switch)

We are all pining after those warm summer days when we would wake up without a care in the world. But they aren't gone just yet. Bonito Days on Nintendo Switch lets us live our best lives in a relaxing, city pop infused experience. These da...

8.5 Great

Gang Beasts Review: Getting the Gang Back Together (Switch)

Put every friendship you've ever had on the line with this beat 'em up classic from Boneloaf. Take on the persona of a boneless creature, put on your best animal onesie and get down to it. Fight on skyscrapers, cranes, lighthouses, you name...

5 Average

Teacup Review: Home in Time for Tea (Switch)

How can you host a tea party with no tea? And how can you replenish your supplies if you're too anxious to leave? Join beloved Teacup on her adventure around Little Pond to make sure her supplies are plentiful, and see what the world has to...

9 Amazing

Momolu and Friends Review: As Easy as A-B-C (Switch)

As we grow up, many of us lose touch with the things we adored as a kid. When was the last time you sat down to colour in? Or create a scrapbook with all your friends? Luckily, Momolu the panda is ready to show you how to slow down for a mi...

6 Fair
Stranded deep thrown into the deep end switch review

Stranded Deep Review: Thrown Into the Deep End (Switch)

When your whole world comes crashing down and you're the only survivor, how are you expected to rebuild from that? Whilst many would sit back and give up, Stranded Deep lets you face every fear. From unknown creatures dwelling below the sur...

5 Average

Hoa Review: Secrets of the Natural World (Switch)

Face it, we all think that shrinking down and living amongst towering blades of grass and huge daisies is the best way to live. But what would being this size and living with the world actually entail? Who would we meet? What would we find?...

9 Amazing

Unbound: Worlds Apart Review: Into the Unknown (Switch)

When your home falls into chaos, how would you go about saving it? Take on the role the last child survivor, and save your world from chaos. But the only way you can go about this is opening portals beyond reality, each presenting new gatew...

8 Great

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Review: Back to Where It All Began

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of its release, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has finally come to Nintendo Switch. It's time to practice your flying and dust off your puzzle skills, as this is not an adventure for the faint of hea...

9.5 Amazing
Sky: Children of the Light Review - Let's Take to the Skies (Switch)

Sky: Children of the Light Review: Let’s Take to the Skies (Switch)

It's time to rise in Sky: Children of the Light. In a world filled with despair, you are the light at the end of the tunnel. But you don't shine alone. A sociable open world adventure awaits for everyone, so what's stopping you? Dive in and...

8.5 Great

DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power Review: It’s Time to Suit Up

Delve into the world of Gotham and Metropolis with this wonderful adaptation of DC's Super Hero Girls. Learn the abilities of BatGirl, SuperGirl and Wonder Woman and take them to battle in a series of quests. But how is this game fun for ev...

8 Great