Author: Joseph Paul

Name’s Joseph, and I love games. I love the potential games as a medium have for telling meaningful stories. I love the different ways games are made, especially all the interesting techniques that developers had to use back in the day to create some of our favorite games.

Kirby Fighters 2 Announced for Switch

Kirby Fighters 2 Announced For Switch

Experience Kirby versus Kirby action in Kirby fighters 2. The Trailer for Kirby Fighters 2 Switch announcement dropped suddenly on Nintendo's YouTube channel. The trailer showed of a different Kirby powers, other playable characters, stages...

Wintermoor Tactics Club Comes To Consoles

Wintermoor Tactics Club Comes To Consoles

We welcome Wintermoor Tactics Club as one of the newest indies to make it to home consoles. Trailers appeared on YouTube announcing the release for all the different console platforms. If you enjoy tactical RPGs or visual novels you're bou...

Possible New Kingdom Hearts Game Coming 2022

Possible New Kingdom Hearts Game Coming 2022

Hold up! A new Kingdom Hearts game is coming in 2022? If series creator Tetsuya Nomura is to be believed, one is. According to a recent interview the team is already working on a new game. Knowing the teams track record with releasing games...

5 Things We Want From Kingdom Hearts Melody of Magic

5 Things We Want In Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory

Get Hyped! Let's talk 5 things we as fans want to see while eagerly awaiting Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Magic! Tackling the rhythm game genre, Kingdom Hearts is treading new ground for the series. Despite the overtly spin-offish nature of th...

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