Author: Jordan Onslow

Jordan lives for video games that are filled with personality and wit, that stand on their own whilst acknowledging their influences. It is also widely understood that the more colourful a game is, the more likely he is to play it. Neon aesthetic rules.  Alongside trying to climb the Pantheon of Hallownest and writing articles, Jordan has a passion for screenwriting and trying to be the funniest guy in any given room.

DARQ: Complete Edition Review: Not So Sweet Dreams (PS5)

DARQ: Complete Edition Review: Not So Sweet Dreams (PS5)

DARQ is a unique combination of short, succinct puzzles taking place over the backdrop of a David Lynch movie. Follow the story of Lloyd, a malnourished man attempting to escape his mind-bending dreams. The 2019 hit returns, with this trium...

7 Good

Maquette Review: An Enchanting Dissection of Love (PS5)

The Unfinished Swan meets Marriage Story in this debut game for Graceful Decay, as the developer explores the highs and lows of being in love in this brilliant puzzle game based around resizing objects in a scale model of a couple's relatio...

8.5 Great