Author: Jesse Teixeira

Prototype Review

Prototype was among the first big open-world games and while often over-shadowed by its cousin inFamous, it deserves recognition for the territory it explored and the advances it made. But can it still hold up in a market overflowing with o...

8 Great
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Penumbra: Black Plague Review

Penumbra: Overture set the stage for the new era of horror that would eventually culminate in the creation of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It's sequel, Penumbra: Black Plague, was meant to be part two of a trilogy which was never fully realiz...

9 Amazing

Gun Metal: War Transformed Review

During the twilight of the great studios of the 90's, Rage Studios released Gun Metal, an oft-overlooked gem that had the seeds of greatness, but which was stymied by circumstances if its creation. Now, decades later, the question stands: i...

8 Great

Black Mesa Review

A long, long time ago, Valve Software released a little game called Half-Life, and in doing so changed gaming forever. Now, nearly two decades later, does this painstaking fan-remake of Gordon Freeman's original adventure still do justice t...

8.9 Great

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux Review

Born during the rise of the 'walking simulator' as a genre, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter was a moving and mysterious title that never achieved great fame for much despite its photo-realistic graphics. Now, with a revised version released, ...

8 Great
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Dear Esther: Landmark Edition Review

Dear Esther holds the title of the first successful 'walking simulator', a genre that eschews classical definitions of game-hood in favor of being something more akin to an interactive art piece. Now, with its third and final edition releas...

8.5 Great
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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Review

After the The New Order, Machine Games decided to continue their work on the Wolfenstein franchise by taking the series back to its roots with a shorter, action-packed prequel set before the Nazi takeover. But does this stand-alone expansio...

8.5 Great
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Conarium Review

Lately the peculiar style of cosmic horror popularized by H. P. Lovecraft has become more prolific in the world of horror games. Usually thought it's just employed as backdrop or inspiration, whereas Conarium draws directly from the Cthulu ...

6.9 Fair
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Penumbra: Necrologue Review

It's been years since the release of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and even longer since its predecessor, the Penumbra trilogy, came to a close. However, some rare, dedicated savants haven't forgotten the saga that laid groundwork for the 'sca...

7.8 Good
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Prey (2006) Review

The original Prey spent ten years as vaporware before finally dropping in 2006, where it received many critical accolade despite poor overall sales. Now, with a reboot on the horizon that throws out pretty much everything that made the orig...

8.1 Great
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Agony Devs Release Demon Gameplay Trailer

Taking one step further into the darkness, Agony released new footage today showcasing the gameplay allowing players to control the demons that up until now have been the game's main antagonists. WARNING: THE VIDEOS BELOW CONTAIN DISTURBING...

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Review

Since it's debut in 2000, the Deus Ex franchise has wowed and enraptured cyberpunk fans everywhere with its sprawling universe where the actions and choices of the player can change the course of the world and the story in equal measure. Ma...

9.1 Amazing
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Quake 4 Review

With the next installment in the Quake franchise scheduled for 2017, it's only fair we take a look at the last attempt to breathe life into the series. It certainly wowed with its powerful graphics upon its release, but how well does it hol...

6.5 Fair
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Chrome SpecForce Review

Long before Techland became known as the name behind well-acclaimed titles such as Dead Island and Dying Light, they were best known for obscure titles like Chrome SpecForce, a very generic, but interesting sci-fi military shooter. Now, wit...

5.3 Average
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Inner Chains – A Dark Future

With so many beautiful and disturbing titles to look forward to in 2017, it's hard to keep track of them all. That said, Kickstarter has brought us another magnificent and terrifying jewel in the form of Inner Chains, a gruesome horror-FPS ...

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Dead Space 2 Review

Does this sequel adhere to the spooky spirit of the original, or take one liberty too many in trying to improve itself? Read to find out! The first Dead Space set a new standard for sci-fi horror in video games, taking classic rules of terr...

9.8 Amazing
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Agony Preview – A Glimpse Into Torment

Earlier this year, Bethesda and id Software took us to hell on a glorious rampage full of the shrieks of demons, the boom of shotguns and the roar of chainsaws. Mad Mind Studios now prepares to take us back, but this time, on an entirely di...

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Dead Space Review

Upon its release, Dead Space set new standards for creativity and atmosphere in the realm of AAA action-horror gaming. Its legacy is still felt even to this day, but does the first installment in the late, great franchise still have what it...

9.6 Amazing
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Metal Gear Rising: Revengance Review

Breaking from years of tradition, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance largely does away with the stealth mechanics of its heritage and embraces high-speed ultra-violence. It's a novel take on the franchise to be certain, but does it hold up unde...

9.7 Amazing
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Toxikk Review

There are plenty of arena-style shooters on the market these days, but with so many of them trying out new things, there's also been a growing market for titles that cater to nostalgia. Toxikk is one of these and seeks to recapture the glor...

8 Great
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Unreal 2: The Awakening Review

Unreal was a key element in shaping the future of the FPS genre, and was the precursor to the legendary Unreal Tournament. But is this direct sequel worthy of its legacy, or does it fall flat on its pretty face? Introduction The original Un...

7.1 Good
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Antichamber Review

The indie gaming market has produced many gems over its history. However, few have been as out-there as Antichamber; a strange, avant-garde puzzle game that tries to both teach you about life and convince you that everything you know about ...

9.4 Amazing
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Condemned: Criminal Origins Review

Condemned: Criminal Origins is a psychological thrill-ride. You play as Agent Ethan Thomas who must understand what twists the mind of an ordinary human into a serial killer. Assigned to the Serial Crimes Unit, Thomas has the best solve ra...

6.3 Fair
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QuakeCon 2016 – A Time for Champions

While Doom is racking up demon skulls, it's not alone in its return to the big-time. id Software finally busts the lid off their new title Quake: Champions with a full gameplay trailer! In the waning days of the 1990's, id Softwar...

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QuakeCon 2016 – PREY Reborn

Before there was Portal, there was PREY. Yet after a repeat of history, with the game's sequel spending nearly a decade in limbo, Arkane Studios has taken up the mantle left by Human Head Studios. But is what they're making what fans actual...

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Penumbra: Overture Review – In the Mines of Madness

We've all heard of Amneisa: the claim to fame of a million Youtube 'Let's Play' channels that scared the pants off gamers around the world. Before Amnesia though, there was Penumbra, and while it may be older, it's no less scary. Take a loo...

8.6 Great