Author: Jacob Gurney

An introverted 24-year old from a small town in northwest Ohio who enjoys many genres of  video games including sports and racing, RPG, FPS, and Simulations. I also love watching most sports, particularly college football, and spending my time hiking, fishing, camping, and most things outdoors and in nature.

Top 5 GTA VI Locations We’d Like to See

After playing through the campaign of Grand Theft Auto V yet again, have you thought of what your Top 5 GTA VI locations are? With the last title being as lauded as it has been, it's believed that Rockstar will be attempting to go even bigg...

5 Best War Campaigns-3 Games Cover

Top 5 Best Campaigns in War Games

Take a look at the 5 best war game campaigns available on PS4. With so many great stories to choose from, it was difficult to narrow it down to the five best. While there is a diverse array of criteria available, these are ultimately the on...

A player body checks an opponent in NHL 20.

Best Way for New Players to Enjoy NHL 2020

Find out the most fun way for new hockey fans and gamers to play NHL 20! While there are plenty of avid hockey fans out there, there are also those of who only follow it from afar or enjoy a day at the rink every now and then. By adjusting ...

Observing a tower through binoculars in Hunting Simulator 2.

Hunting Simulator 2 Pawnee Meadows Point Of Interest Guide

Our guide will discuss the easiest way to find every point of interest location in Hunting Simulator 2’s Pawnee Meadows map. Hunting Simulator 2 offers various points of interest that the player can discover throughout the game’s maps. This...

A hunter walks around a lake in Hunting Simulator 2.

Hunting Simulator 2 Review: An Enjoyably Flawed Hunting Experience (PS4)

While Hunting Simulator 2 is ultimately an enjoyable and fun hunting simulation, the game is flawed in several ways that hold it back from being considered great. It improves upon its predecessor to become a better simulation overall, but c...

7 Good

8 of the Best Hunting Video Games

With Hunting Simulator 2 set to release later this month, we decided to take a look at some of the best hunting video games available on consoles over the years. From all the Cabela’s games to the most recent theHunter: Call of the Wild, ga...

A quarterback steps back to throw a pass in NCAA Football 14.

Will There Be Another Licensed NCAA Football Game?

A new licensed NCAA Football game isn't necessarily around the corner; we review the history of the franchise, its downfall, and whether or not we can expect another licensed game in the future. Even after the NCAA released further guidelin...

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