Author: Isaiah Ogunseye

Isaiah is a university graduate with a BA Honours degree in sports journalism and a big-time gamer. He is versatile in multiple areas and genres, including his degree specification in sports, TV shows, anime, manga, and a plethora of video games. He owns all next-gen consoles, along with a high-end PC.

God Of War Ragnarok Review An Emotional Masterpiece (PS5) Cover

God Of War Ragnarok Review: An Emotional Masterpiece (PS5)

God Of War Ragnarok is an incredible finale to the God Of War series, as it sets itself far above many other PlayStation exclusives on its own pedestal. Despite doubts about how well a sequel compared to the incredibly successful God Of War...

9.5 Amazing
Asterigos Curse Of The Stars Review Stylish Souls-Like Experience (PC) Cover

Asterigos: Curse Of The Stars Review: Stylish Souls-Like Experience (PC)

Among the plethora of Soulslike titles available to players, Acme Gamestudio's developers have managed to create a unique game that includes some differentiation in areas where they are most important. Asterigos: Curse Of The Stars has its ...

7.5 Good
5 Things Resident Evil 4 Remake Must Maintain Cover

5 Things Resident Evil 4 Remake Must Maintain

Here are a few insights into the aspects of the survival horror classic and what the Resident Evil 4 Remake must revisit, as Capcom looks set to revamp the core mechanics and gameplay, whilst also sustaining the feel of the original 2005 ve...