Author: Hunter Rich

Enjoys tabletop games such as Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh. PC  is the preferred platform. Likes FPS games such as CSGO, Payday 2, and ready or not as well as Mil-Sim games like War thunder and Enlisted. Enjoyed video games since childhood as well as tabletop card games.

Payday 2: Will Payday 2 be a Dead Game?

Will Payday 2 Be a Dead Game After Payday 3 Releases?

Payday 2 is being declared a "dead game" by the developers themselves. Of course this announcement was made in typical Overkill fashion, they put a hilarious twist on the end of an era in preparing for the new title by adding exclusive item...

Magic: The Gathering: Post Malone Buys the One Ring

Magic: The Gathering: Post Malone Buys the One Ring

Music artist and known Magic: The Gathering fan Post Malone, purchased the One Ring Magic: the Gathering card from a lucky collector in early August 2023 for a massive price tag. Post Malone now owns two of the most sought after and highly ...