Author: Callum Davis

Callum Davis is a South African based, somewhat cynical, but generally easy going writer with a passion for video games and the industry that creates them. Even with a professed love of stealth games, RPGs and platformers, Callum has a fondness for any title that either provides a good story, fun gameplay, or both. He co-hosts the Byte Marx podcast in his spare time, enjoys a nice cup of tea and has mastered the art of making egg fried rice out of leftovers.

Tokoyo The Tower of Perpetuity Review Inconsistent Fun (Switch)

Tokoyo: The Tower of Perpetuity Review: Inconsistent Fun (Switch)

Tokoyo: The Tower of Perpetuity is a mouthful of a title that belongs to a new 2D Roguelike Platformer on Steam and Switch! While some unfortunate story choices and blatant pandering weighed this title down, smooth gameplay, good level desi...

6 Fair
Raven's Hike Review Raving and Ranting (PC)

Raven’s Hike Review: Raving and Ranting (PC)

Raven’s Hike, the puzzle-platformer from Wired Dreams Studio, is a challenging experience. While the gameplay is smooth, the audio and visual design is decent, and the puzzles are tough but fair, the story was pointless. By the end, RH didn...

5 Average
Eastward Review Putting Our Best Foot Forward (Switch)

Eastward Review: Putting Our Best Foot Forward (Switch)

Eastward is an action-adventure RPG by Pixpil that really blew me away recently. A good story well told, with fun gameplay, stunning visuals and a brilliant soundtrack? What more could I ask? It may not be for everyone, but I definitely won...

9.5 Amazing
Insurmountable Preview PC Wait For Better Weather

Insurmountable Preview (PC): Wait For Better Weather

Climbing high or falling low? How will Insurmountable, the survival rogue-like from ByteRockers’ Games fair in this preview? While it is a serene, contemplative experience climbing mountains in this game, the title falters in the story depa...

Eggcelerate! Review A Trying Egg in This Time

Eggcelerate! Review: A Trying Egg in This Time

Can’t make an indie racing game without cracking a few eggs! But will Eggcelerate! be a broken egg on your front door, or a lovely omelette in the morning? While it was certainly let down by some less than stellar areas, it isn’t a lost cau...

4.5 Poor
Who Will Be Breath of the Wild 2's Villain

Who Will Be Breath of the Wild 2’s Villain?

Who will be Breath of the Wild 2’s villain? With the game slated to come out later this year, that’s the question on everyone’s mind. While it’s most likely Ganondorf in some form or other, there are some other contenders waiting in the win...

KungFu Kickball Review With Bells and Whistles On PC

KungFu Kickball Review: With Bells and Whistles On (PC)

Hiyah! KungFu Kickball, the new fighting/sport game by WhaleFood, stands to test your skills against its many characters and your friends! But, how will it test in the arena of review!? Pretty well, actually. Solidly designed, and fun to pl...

7.7 Good
What Justifies a Sequel

What Justifies a Sequel?

What justifies a sequel? Why do people make them? I have devised three terms (hard, soft and golden) that might explain the reasoning behind why games have a second instalment. Is it about money? Most of the time, yes, but there are plenty ...

Tails of Iron Review: Redwall Meets Dark Souls (PC)

Tails of Iron, by Odd Bug Studio, is a 2-D souls-like from the perspective of a young rat king trying to rebuild his kingdom and fight off invaders. It’s also an absolute delight to play! With undeniable charm, an engaging story, fun game a...

9 Amazing
The Hollow It Was A Game All Along

The Hollow: It Was A Game All Along

The Hollow uses a whole bunch of tropes, but none quite so prominently as “it was a game all along.” Similar to “it was all a dream,” but with real life consequences. How did the Hollow incorporate such a trope? How did it effect the show o...

Myth of Empires Review Too Big to Succeed Cover

Myth of Empires Review: Too Big To Succeed

Myth of Empires is a survival-crafting MMO in which you must construct and maintain an empire, all while competing with other players. While it is a solidly absorbing experience, there are just a few flaws that keep it from being truly grea...

7.8 Good
NFTs Are Not Gaming's Future; They Are Its Past Cover

NFTs Are Not Gaming’s Future; They Are Its Past

Despite what you may have heard, NFTs are not the future of gaming. In fact, they closely resemble a pattern of money-making schemes the games industry has been pulling for years! Loot boxes, paid subscriptions and even the Crunch Crisis ma...

Crusader Kings 3 and Three Ways To Have More Fun Cover

Crusader Kings 3: Three Ways to Have More Fun

There are plenty of ways to have a bit more fun in Crusader Kings 3! The real time, political strategy game can be a bit confusing for new players but worry not. With building a kingdom and engaging in the politics, starting at the beginnin...

Time Loader Review Time Travel Therapy Cover

Time Loader Review: Time Travel Therapy

Time Loader is a puzzle-platformer about a time travelling robot trying to improve its creator’s life by changing his past. Will the little bot fix the past, or will it cause more trouble than it bargained for? Most importantly, will it be ...

5 Average

Witcher Syndrome: What It Is and How to Fix It!

Witcher Syndrome has been prominent in many games, and this is what the industry can do to fix it. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's loot system has been incorporated into a few other RPGs, much to their detriment. However, using the systems from ...