Author: Callum Davis

Callum Davis is a South African based, somewhat cynical, but generally easy going writer with a passion for video games and the industry that creates them. Even with a professed love of stealth games, RPGs and platformers, Callum has a fondness for any title that either provides a good story, fun gameplay, or both. He co-hosts the Byte Marx podcast in his spare time, enjoys a nice cup of tea and has mastered the art of making egg fried rice out of leftovers.

NFTs Are Not Gaming's Future; They Are Its Past Cover

NFTs Are Not Gaming’s Future; They Are Its Past

Despite what you may have heard, NFTs are not the future of gaming. In fact, they closely resemble a pattern of money-making schemes the games industry has been pulling for years! Loot boxes, paid subscriptions and even the Crunch Crisis ma...

Crusader Kings 3 and Three Ways To Have More Fun Cover

Crusader Kings 3: Three Ways to Have More Fun

There are plenty of ways to have a bit more fun in Crusader Kings 3! The real time, political strategy game can be a bit confusing for new players but worry not. With building a kingdom and engaging in the politics, starting at the beginnin...

Time Loader Review Time Travel Therapy Cover

Time Loader Review: Time Travel Therapy

Time Loader is a puzzle-platformer about a time travelling robot trying to improve its creator’s life by changing his past. Will the little bot fix the past, or will it cause more trouble than it bargained for? Most importantly, will it be ...

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Witcher Syndrome: What It Is and How to Fix It!

Witcher Syndrome has been prominent in many games, and this is what the industry can do to fix it. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's loot system has been incorporated into a few other RPGs, much to their detriment. However, using the systems from ...