Author: Gino Diño

Father, husband, gamer, writer — not necessarily in that order. Gino grew up on the NES and SNES beating notoriously difficult games like R-Type and Final Fight 2 and never looked back. Gino writes about games, anime, and geek culture when not using his words for fiction or actual freelance writing work.

Sony and Lego Invests $2 Billion in Epic Games for the Metaverse

Sony and Lego Invests $2 Billion in Epic Games for the Metaverse

Sony and LEGO's parent company each invest an astounding $1 billion towards the Epic Games metaverse that connects game experiences within the publisher's portfolio of games, such as Fortnite, Fall Guys, and Rocket League. Sony had previous...

Gamescom Asia 2022 Announces Schedule and Program

Gamescom Asia 2022 Announces Schedule and Program

Gamescom Asia, the Asia version of Europe's Gamescom, will be holding its second ever event on October 20 to 23, 2022 with a hybrid model of an in-person and online show. The four day show is set to be an important networking event for prof...

5 Ways to Fix Water Pollution in Cities Skylines

5 Ways to Fix Water Pollution in Cities: Skylines

Learn about water pollution in Cities: Skylines and 5 ways to fix the problem—plus a few additional tips! Water pollution in Cities: Skylines is one of the problems that tend to blindside players when it becomes critical enough to draw atte...

My Dress-Up Darling Review

My Dress-Up Darling Review: A Premium Anime RomCom

The life of introverted highschool hina doll maker Wakana Gojo is turned upside down when he meets cosplay gyaru Kitagawa Marin in My Dress-Up Darling, a surprisingly strong contender for anime of the season, and a must-see RomCom show. A s...

8.5 Great

Nintendo to Shut Down Dragalia Lost, Announces “Conclusion” to Main Campaign

Nintendo’s mobile swipe-controlled ARPG, Dragalia Lost, will reach its story's conclusion in July 2022, and its end-of-service "at a later date." The game is Nintendo’s first original IP on mobile, and used to be its second highest grossing...

HBO Max's Peacemaker is a triumph in character writing

Peacemaker Review: The Characters Took the Spotlight

After surviving the events of The Suicide Squad, Christopher Smith, AKA Peacemaker, is put into a new ragtag black ops team to thwart yet another global threat. That is, if he can work with his dysfunctional teammates and fight off his pers...

7.5 Good