Author: Gavin Hart

Gavin has had a passion for writing almost as long as his passion for video games. Which came first, the controller or the pen? His earliest memories include stapling A4 papers together to make books to write on and playing Super Mario on the NES with his brother. Now he plays a huge variety of game genres, platforms and styles, from indie to AAA, from 2-hour experiences to 50-hour marathons, from RTS to FPS to RPG and every three-letter acronym in-between.

The Zelda Roguelite You Didn't Know Existed - Link Cover

The Zelda Roguelite You Didn’t Know Existed

Considered the "black sheep" of the Legend of Zelda series, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link surprises by being the Zelda roguelite you didn't know existed. Featuring gameplay traits and styles more familiar to roguelites and Souls-like game...

Marvel's Avengers was let down by its own marketing

Marvel’s Avengers Was Let Down by Its Own Marketing

Marvel's Avengers' marketing was a let down to the final release delivered, and misled players about its biggest strengths, highlighting its most egregious features. Square Enix promoted a multiplayer game-as-a-service; but its strongest as...

18 Exciting Games Still to Come in 2020

18 Exciting Games Still to Come in 2020

Despite a rough year and only four months to go, there's plenty of exciting games still to come in 2020! The end of the year sees the launch of next generation consoles, but until then, there’s still plenty of great releases coming to curre...

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