Author: Ethan Cherrington

I'm just a guy that likes to play games, in fact I like playing them so much I decided to start writing about them. I particularly enjoy early access games, because following the development from where they start to what the game becomes is particularly interesting to me.

Blazing Sails review more than just a sea of thieves clone cover

Blazing Sails Preview: More Than Just a Sea of Thieves Clone

The exciting early access Pirate themed battle royale, Blazing Sails, has been critiqued as a simple Sea of Thieves clone. Peek a quick review to look at some of the similarities and differences, and ultimately decide if its worth picking u...

6.5 Fair
4 games worth replaying with mods cover

4 Games Worth Replaying with Mods

Playing games with mods is a great way to refresh older titles and get more hours out of your favorite games; here are 4 recommendations for games that feature excellent mod support and an even better community of talented individuals shari...

DayZ: A Beginner’s Survival Guide

Finding food or water and fighting Infection are the biggest challenges a new DayZ player will face, this guide will show you a few alternative ways to survive the early stages. Players of all experience levels, from the greenest of recruit...