Author: Enzo Bottassi

Enzo is an undergraduate journalism student that loves video games, music, and fashion. Some of their favorite games are Cruelty Squad, Kingdom Hearts II, Ys: The Oath in Felghana, and Hexen II.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 Review Header

Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 Review: Reshaping the Core (Switch)

Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 redefines many of the most beloved aspects of the Gunvolt series in exchange for something new, even it it maintains the core structure it has used since the beginning. Can it reach the same highs as Gunvolt 2 did? L...

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The 5 Best Bullet Hell Games for Beginners

The 5 Best Bullet Hell Games for Beginners

Getting into bullet hells isn't easy. Every game looks very scary at first and most are very hard to even finish for the first time. The five games on this list will help you to get used to the crazy bullet patterns and bosses the genre can...

DNF Duel Review

DNF Duel Review: Battling Atop the World (PC)

DNF Duel is a traditional fighting game reimagining of the popular MMO Dungeon Fighter Online. Developed by Arc System Works, it offers a roster of 16 characters attracted by their will to fight against each other. Let's see if it lives up ...

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All Announcements Made at the PC Gaming Show 2022

All of the PC Gaming Show 2022 Announcements

The PC Gaming Show 2022 event revealed tons of new information about dozens of games, both already announced and brand-new reveals. Want to know everything that happened there? We compiled every single announcement in this article. Aside fr...

Upcoming Indies: 5 Games to Keep an Eye On cover

Upcoming Indies: 5 Games to Keep an Eye On

There are so many indie games being announced in the last few years that it can be a little tricky to decide where to look for them or what titles to put your trust in. With that in mind, here are 5 upcoming indies of multiple genres that a...