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Squad Review

OffWorld Industries' Squad is the only real way to experience what a soldier goes through in the midsts of combat. True soldiers are meant to fear what they can’t observe. Squad is the most accurate war shooter that makes a player adv...

9 Amazing
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Legends of Callasia Review

Legends of Callasia flattens ambition for a outstanding turn based strategy game especially on a mobile device. It could have been different if games such as Civilization hadn’t exposed themselves on less powerful hardware already. Legends ...

6.5 Fair
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Paying for advertisements in Payday 2

It took Overkill Software a mere eleven days to ruin Payday 2 for the new year. Bans are a top priority for the moderators once again. Almir Listo continues dealing killing blows to the game that has brought him success for over two years. ...

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Space Engineers Preview

Keen Software House annihilates all other block-based sandbox games with Space Engineers. Creativity has never been pushed so far and astuteness of ingame mechanics is almost unbelievable. What about reality? We are moving ever so closely t...

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Guardians of Orion update adds Third Person Perspective

Guardians of Orion now features the ability to enjoy both FPS and TPS. Developer Trek Industries have been very busy these past couple of months making Guardians of Orion a truly unique experience. I have already mentioned this but they wer...

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Racecraft Technical Demo – Preview

Procedural generation is making headlines yet again, because of how underdeveloped it is in Racecraft. Procedural Generation at its lowest. The mechanic has actually been used in video games for quite a while now. This technique is a true g...

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Awe Review

Awe is one of the most relaxing games to date. It is a god-game about expressing one’s creativity by shaping and building planets’ ecosystems in a tranquil, relaxing ambiance. Introduction Badland Indie has managed to craft two games thus f...

7 Good
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Liftoff – Preview

Will you survive the calibration process and enjoy dron flying? Introduction: Liftoff is an early access product that is in pre-alpha state. The game is being developed by Lugus Studios and is priced fairly high at 20 euro. It doesn't ...

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Aralon: Forge and Flame Review

Crescent Moon was in a great hurry to release a new game on mobile devices. Introduction Aralon:Forge and Flame is an RPG released on all major mobile operating systems. The price of the game is 4,99 euro. The product has been developed by ...

5.3 Average
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Sniper Fury Review

Visual fidelity just doesn’t matter for this title. That is a huge problem since it is all that it offers. Introduction: Sniper Fury is a mobile game brought to fruition by high-class developer Gameloft. The product is available on the most...

5 Average
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Guardians of Orion Preview

Guardians of Orion is a top-down perspective shooter filled with dinosaurs and robots. With a clear ambition (and a road map to match) this title is well on its way to glory! Introduction: Guardians of Orion is an offering from developer Tr...

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Sniper Fury released one day earlier

Graphical fidelity on mobile devices has been pushed to the limit. The long awaited Sniper Fury game was released earlier today on all mobile platforms. Officially the application was supposed to debut tomorrow on December 3rd. This isn&rsq...

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Microtransaction are tied to the future of Payday 2

Almir Listo claims that micro-transaction were a good idea. The community disagrees. Where is the truth? I am willing to bet that a lot of people browsing the Steam sales right now have probably run into the amazing deal of developer O...

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Rainbow Six Siege – Thoughts after Open Beta

Just like before a great concept that was destroyed by a single problem. Should you play and get the game? Is it perfect or is it unplayable? Rainbow Six Siege is truly a fascinating game that has a lot to offer to gamers. As someone who ha...

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Crimefest repeats itself in PayDay 2

It is clear where all of the player feedback was going-not into consideration! Crimefest is happening all over again! It would appear that the controversies around updates made to the game Payday 2 won’t see an end soon. Just an hour ...